Pyrography (Woodburning)





  1. Silverline Woodburning Pen Set, I bought this from ebay for under £15 including delivery
    (but any woodburning pen will do just a great a job).
  2. Pencil.
  3. Image / photograph.
  4. A piece of wood (this is a cutting from a tree I had in the garden it is a Conifer or Thujopsis dolabrata).

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Step 1: Sketch Your Image

Sketch your image onto the wood with your pencil.

Step 2: Burn Your Image

Draw over the pencil sketch with your woodburning tool , shading in as you go taking note of the shadows and highlight areas, the longer you hold the woodburning tool on the wood for the darker it becomes.

To view more pyrography see my blogspot over at

And enjoy.

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