Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Introduction: Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs

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Aside from painting communist leaders as saints on blown-out eggs , it's fun to make Pysanky too. Pysanky are Ukrainian eggs that are dyed multiple times each time adding wax to more and more of the egg. Where the wax is applied, new colors of dye won't permeate. This wax resist method is almost like Batik for a non-permeable material. Anyway, I won't give a whole detailed instructable since there are plenty of pysanky guides out there and none much better than this one from esmecat.

For tools and aniline dyes, I suggest going to Surma's . Excellent quality and fast ordering!

Anyway, I'm no expert, but it's easy to make decent looking easter eggs using this technique. I'm not very good at planning what I'm going to do, but I think these mostly worked out well.  I like the different color effects you get from brown vs. white eggs too.

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