Python Encrypter/decrypter

I made this a while ago to see if it would work and eventually I got it to work the Packages.Mr_Code file is an archive you can extract it with any unzip software it includes a string encoder, a file encoder, two decoders (upper and lower case) and that's about it it can easily be modified to include all letters and symbols but I have only included

the alphabet (in lower case) and these symbols not including brackets ( ' , ! ? ) I hope you find use for it.

The encoded string/file is encoded into "newtext.txt"


You can change the encoder to encode more quickly by reducing these numbers

elif (te) == "g":
inte = 73 <------------------

elif inc0 == 73:
l = l + "g"<------------------

Make sure these are the same otherwise when you decode it won't give you the original text



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