Python Programming - Break Statement

Introduction: Python Programming - Break Statement

# using the break statement

# create a list of operating system names
operatingsystems = ["debian","ubuntu","opensuse","linuxmint","redhat","fedora",
"freebsd", "openbsd", "kali"]

# create list that is going to be built by the program
# this list will have all of the operating systems with the letter "N" in it
OsesWithLetterN = []

# create 2 "for loops"
# start outer "for loop" below
# take each operating system name in the list into "for loop"
for alpha in operatingsystems:
# if we set this to true, it would never get to the 2nd "if" statement
haveletterN = False
# start inner "for loop" below
for character in alpha:
# take each character and and check to see if it is the letter "n"
if character in ["n"]:
haveletterN = True
# if it is the letter "n", add operating system name to new list
print ("Found an operating system with 'n' in it:", alpha)
# this "if statement" prints out each letter to prove that it is not the letter "n"
if haveletterN == False:
print (character, "is not the letter 'n'.")

# print out the list of all the operating systems with the letter "n" in it
print ("The operating systems that have the letter 'n' in it are:", OsesWithLetterN)

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