Python Tutorials: a Matrix Themed Terminal

Introduction: Python Tutorials: a Matrix Themed Terminal

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Step 1: The Code

After opening a blank python file, type the following code:

--- = tab

import random
while True:
---matrixNumber = random.randint(10000000000000000000, 9999999999999999999) #this number can be refined to fit your terminal perfectly by adding/removing a 0 from the first number and adding/removing a 9 from the second number

When you run your code you should see that a terminal appears with random numbers on each line repeatedly changing
This May lag your computer



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    Whenever I try this program and run it, it says syntax error. I am just wondering what I should try next. Thanks in advanced.

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    you must ignore this. it is not part of the code. it is because I often publish from my phone where there is no tab key that I replace it with 3 dashes instead. to make it run you must replace all the dashed with a press of the tab key

    Thanks for the warning. Any lag represents a glitch in the Matrix, thus allowing programmers who are "the One" to code in bullet time. (I think. Morpheus was just in a terrible Kia commercial, so who knows where we stand fifteen years post-Matrix.)