QAV250 Racing FPV Quadcopter




Introduction: QAV250 Racing FPV Quadcopter

the FPV racing quadcopter is one of the best experience you can get from RC toy. this instructable will explain how you can build your own 250 class racing quadcopter, with FPV system to place your eyes in the sky

NOTE : this drone is not built for aerial filming, this is a sport quadcopter for racing. if you want to make a multi platform quadcopter, please visit my F450 quadcopter instructable.

Step 1: Parts List

parts for the quadcopter

  1. qav250 carbon fiber racing frame
  2. 4 EMAX MT1806 KV2280 Brushless Motors
  3. 4 CF 5040 props
  4. 4 SimonK Series 12A ESC
  5. cc3d flight controller
  6. 3s 1500mah lipo battery - good for 7 minutes of flight time
  7. 2.4 Ghz, 9 channels transmitter and reciever module, if you want a cheaper radio system you can get a 6 channels system for 50$
  8. male T-plug with wires

parts for the FPV system

Step 2: Installastion Instractions

building the quadcopter

the first step of building the quadcopter is building the frame, just follow the instractions you got with the frame and build all the chassis.

the quadcopter include 4 motors, 2 CW motors and 2 CCW motors, the motors installation order is:

front left arm - CW motor
front right arm - CCW motor
rear left arm - CCW motor
rear right motor - CW motor

when you install the motors, point the wires to the arm of the chassis.

the ESC has 5 wires and a plug, the 3 black wires needs to be connected to the motors.
for CW rotation you need to connect the wires straight from the esc to the motor (first ESC wire to first motor wire, second wire to second wire, third wire to third wire). for the CCW rotation you just need to switch between the second to the third wire. (first ESC wire to first motor wire, second wire to third wire, third wire to second wire)

connect and solder all the ESC red wires together to the T-plug red wire, and the black wires to the black one.

after you make all the connections with solder, you can connect the flight controller.

connect the ESC to the cc3d in this order

connect the motor output 1 to the front left ESC
connect the motor output 2 to the front right ESC
connect the motor output 3 to the rear left ESC
connect the motor output 4 to the rear right ESC

connect the 2.4Ghz reciever to the CC3D flight controller, just plug the connections from the reciever output to the cc3d inputs, (channel 1 to input 1, channel 2 to input 2, etc..) you need to connect at least 6 channels.

this is all the wiring you neet to make for the quadcopter, when you finish the wiring you need to update the cc3d firmware and make a calibration. the CC3D flight controller works with the exelent opensource openpilot program.
download the software and install it to your pc, follow the instractions in the open pilot UI and make the installation.

building the FPV system

i already made a full detailed instructable for making a cheap FPV wireless Goggles based on this quadcopter.

i will post more videos of this quadcopter very soon so please subscribe!



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    20 Discussions

    Is it possible to use a phone instead of goggles, specifically Iphone?

    And how? thanks in advance

    1 reply

    It is possible but It probably won't be cheaper... the challenge is to convert the 5.8Ghz Video Signal to something that an iPhone or Android can understand.

    Lieber 5.8Ghz To WiFi AV Transmitter

    This box does that, and It becomes your receiver. I know it says transmitter in the title, but what this box does is receives the 5.8Ghz Video Signal from the Quad Tx and tran transmits a Wifi signal that mobile devices can connect to. A cool feature is bystandard with a mobile device can download the app and connect to it, so they see what you see while you are flying. I don't personally have one (though I have been tempted), but some reviews complain about lag.

    Note that it is not necessary to buy the Boscom Receiver if you go this route. Again I don't have one, so I don't know if it is compatible with a Boscom 5.8Ghz Transmitter. In theory, it should be.

    I would also recommend getting FPV goggles that will hold your iPhone / Android or a clip bracket that attaches to the handle of your radio to hold your phone while you fly.

    Another (less viable IMO) option:

    Cons: Looks like it will adds some bulk to the quad. (49g according to the spec sheet.) It limits range because the wifi is broad casting from the quad not not a box next to you. (Spec sheet say 10m, a reviewer says 30m) This system overall doesn't save you money on this build either.

    Pros: don't have to buy Boscom Rx / Tx pair or the camera listed.

    Also one last question sorry for too many questions. Do you happen to have a parts list using the same flight controller, for faster quicker upgrade because I'm going high for my budget so i just want the best out of it and be able to compete in racing once I enough practice. Thanks.

    Hi, I'm wondering what the battery life would be with nothing on it just the First-person-View, and how fast you think it goes like 60-70 mph?

    1 reply

    Also what is the range of the two types of transmitters and receivers, with the fly sky and the 9 channel one. I think what I've saw online so far is that the fly sky receiver has low range. Plus is there a way just besides testing how far it goes to calculate how far the range is on a transmitter plus receiver? Thanks. FYI I'm looking for a 3,000 ft range or more.

    Is there a way to live stream the video data to the web?

    Congradulations on you bargain hunting. This build will save me a lot of money. I was wondering how you charge your batteries and how this drone would stack up in a FPV race? clearly it isn't first class but could a skilled pilot still have a decent shot?

    1 reply

    No. Sadly, as far as racing drones go, this is an extremely slow quad. It uses older components and while it is cheap, it will be destroyed in racing, no matter how good you are.

    hey i am a beginner of racing quads , could i make a racing quad with 1400kv motors and a 4200mAh battery with 500g weight ? i don't need some speed but not very fast , i am currently using a cc3d flight controller

    What's the total weight? with the new FAA requirements, you may have to register this "drone". ridiculous, I know...

    8 replies

    can you please explain what you mean by FAA requirements

    i placed it on the scale for you.

    the total weight with the battry is 510 grams

    and without the battery is 370 grams.

    tthe total weight include all the equipment (fpv transmitter, cameram cc3d, etc..)

    i do not live in the us so i don't know about the rules. that is the maximun weight accourding to your regulations?

    Congress just enacted rules (and no grandfather clause). anything remotely operated between .55 and 55 lbs requires a registration, like the tail number on a plane.

    half a pound. with a battery my ar drove (v1) exceeds that, and the video aint anything great....

    Makes no difference to Big Brother. I haven't built one but I have a couple larger toy grade. therefore, I have nothing BUT nefarious plans for them. God! what happened to this country?

    That was rhetorical...

    sorry about the video, this is just the test flight. i will post new good videos very soon, please subscribe

    wow. 55 lbs is 24 kg. you can connect almost 50 quadcopters like this one without having a plate


    2 years ago

    This my friend, is NOT a QAV250. This is a ZMR250. Which is in fact a clone of the Blackout 250 Frame.

    The QAV is lumenier branded.

    thats a cool project. nice job dude!