QCW-05 (Update)

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(This instructable has been updated)

The (new) first five pics is my new QCW-05!

This is my Chinese QCW-05, the first one on this sight! Tell me what you think?

Now its time for more Pros and Cons:

Looks fairly close
Handle is comfy
Sights are AMAZING!
Suppressor is good looking
Built it in like 30 minutes

Does not shoot

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Its a Chinese gun? I take offense to that. Please explain why Asian/chinese guns are inferior. Are you just racist or you dont like them cos its made in China?

    3 replies

    Sorry bro, I did not mean it that way, and so I think you reserved an explanation. Well, many very cool guns come from Germany, Austria, Italy, and other countries in Europe. I just was making the comment that I don't see very many guns from China...I meant to offense by it, and I will change that. O.K.?

    Whoops, up above I stated "...so I think you reserved an explanation..." What I meant was "I think you deserve an explanation." And likewise I said "...I meant to offense by it..." But what I really meant was "I meant no offense..." Sorry bro, and thanks.

    Well I like them, but I still can't find an 'ible that shows you how to make internals for a bullpup. I guess I need more experience with them... :-)

    excuse me for the following statement, it is said with shock and envy: HOW THE F*CK DID YOU MANAGE TO HAVE A GUN THAT HAS SEMI AUTO AND FULL AUTO AND IT SWITCHES BETWEEN REPEATER, SEMI AUTO AND FULL AUTO MODES ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! seriously, how id you do that? upload a few pictures to picasa or something and give us some links...

    it had three different barrels and three different triggers one with a motor, one with a hammer mech, and a ramrod. it was like 11 layers wide. it was belt fed(motor mech), 2 different mags for ramrod and hammer mech

    oh. that's less interesting then. but still, how did you switch between the mechs? also, are you saying you don't have it anymore?

    original post "i would love to show everyone my replica scar that has 3 firing modes manual, semi auto, full auto but cant" i didnt say it could switch between modes i just said it had 3