QR Code Dog Collar Tutorial, Test Video





Introduction: QR Code Dog Collar Tutorial, Test Video

Check the tutorial video.

Step 1: The Keychain

The fastest, cheap way to find a lost dog address.
Almost everyone have smarthpone. When your dog run away, the person who find, just scan the qr code from the collar, and immediately see the dog name, address or if you give, your phone number. Part list: - A dog :) - collar - Picture frame keychain

Step 1: Creating QR code: Just google qr code making, there is lot of qr code make site. When find one what you like, from the options, select text, add the text what you want (Dog name, address, phone).

Download the code image (Png is better than jpeg), print it to fit the keychain)

Step 2: Put it to keychain, and the keychain to your dog collar.

Step 3: Lost your dog (NO just kidding:)




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    3 Discussions

    So simple yet a fantasitc idea....why didn't I thought of this!???!?!??!??


    4 years ago

    That is so clever and the key chain picture holder is brilliant. Nicely done!

    This is one of the most practical uses I've yet seen QR codes put to. Nice!