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This is how to make a cheap and efficient Quadsuit mask (looks better if you have fake fur!) IT LOOKS LIKE A PROFESSIONAL MADE IT!!!

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Step 1:

Make sure you have Bubble wrap

Step 2:

Have a kebab stick. Create a ball of bubble wrap and stick the kebab stick in

Step 3:

Make a top jaw on top of the kebab stick :3

Step 4:

Create a lower jaw but do not attach yet (I took this photo when I was Finished)

Step 5:

Attach lower jaw. Make sure you have elastic (or a hair band that is cut in half)

Step 6:

Now that you have the main shape, add a neck and ears (optional ears)

Step 7:

Add eyes and nose

Step 8:

ADD FABRIC! (I used old materials) (plus that's a photo of my tail) xD

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