QUANTUM2020 VAWT, Vertical AXIS Wind Turbine




Introduction: QUANTUM2020 VAWT, Vertical AXIS Wind Turbine

Hello every one, it has been a long time since i posted on Instructables.
i think i drifted to youtube a bit, i have posted many projects there.

However, instructables is a great place to show some additional details

this project is another VAWT,

it is A unique VAWT as usual

this vertical axis wind turbine will change shape based on wind speed/RPM

i made it so the foil shift away from wind to slow down, but will gain torque and when it slows down and drop, will increase in RPM, so it will bob few times until equalized, it is a beauty to watch.

i also created my own air Foil, i called it Quantum2020 Foil, i created an intake/stilt in the foil, it will help start the turbine at low wind but it will compress and minimize drag a high rpm, my one of a kind creation, i hope you see the clarity in my vision.

The shaft should have been square shape, so when the lower disc/coupler travels up and down, it stays in sync with the blades, but all i have at this time is a threaded rod, so go with it. in any case, the shaft will pivot on high heat steel point, i will have bearings, only on the secondary holding structure to keep it center, but no load on it.

i will show how i built it and how it will test.

Note: i already have built a large scale, but i did not have all the features that the 3d printer is allowing me to do.

with this project, i had to learn many skills including the usage of 3d programs and printing software.

please give credit if you like my VAWT, there are many like it, but this one is mine.


he3d 3d printer, pla, abs, filament, cnc work, plexi,

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i have included the details on the attached photo,
in this proto1, both discs are 12".
the upper disc will be fixed to the shaft, will only spinn with shaft

the lower disc also spinns with shaft, however, it will also travel up and down based on wind speed and rpm.

the advantage for the up and down is that
when the blades lift the shift away from direct wind, so the turbine's RPM slows down,
but the torque still there, because you are moving farther away from axis, and
when wind dissipate, disc will drop, RPM will climb, because closer to axis, and then bobs up again because high rpm, it will do this few time to stabilize, it is the best part of this turbine. it looks like it is breathing.

the discs are made from Lexan, i made those on my CNC, i added a video

Step 2: HINGES

i made the hinges from PLA 3d printed material,

specs are in the photos, not the best design, i will keep on improving hinges design.


couplers are made from PLA 3d printed materials.

the upper coupler is fixed to the shaft

the lower coupler moves independent vertically from the shaft, ideally the shaft should have been square at the lower level to guide the lower coupler up and down and to stay in sync with shaft/discs and shaft, but until then, deal with it.

all couplers specs are in the photos


The Foil is made from PLA 3d printed materials.

foil is tapered and twisted see photos and video for additional details.

My Quantum2020 foil has a stilt in it to assist to start the rotation, also the stilt will compress at high speed for sleeker thinner Foil.

give credit when mentioning my foil and its design.

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