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Introduction: QUICK CHANGE QUILT: Redecorating Madness

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As with so many of my ideas, this project was inspired by one of my children.  My six year old loves to change her room every few days.  Undersea adventure to frogs, to hearts, to frogs with hearts and on it goes. 

This quilt has eight panels with different colors and patterns, and there's more!  Each pattern has magnetic quilted appliques, so the eight different decorating styles are, peaceful penguins, fishing expedition, owls, flowers, secret hearts, purses, space adventure and busy bees.

This quilt is for older children, NOT TODDLERS.  The magnets are small and could be swollowed.  They are sewn in, but it is just not worth it.  Also, a reminder that magnets should not come in contact with computers, electronics, tv sets, or pace makers. 

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Step 1: THE QUILT:

The best way for me to describe this design is a big circle or ring.  The outside of the ring has four panels and the inside of the ring has four panels.  You can flip the ring so the inside panels become the outside panels.   That's where the eight comes from.  Four on each side.   They are both made in the same way.

I made this quilt for a twin bed that is being used as a daybed where the quilt will drape down on each side.

You are essentially going to be making a very long quilt.  I used an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper for my pattern.   Easy.  Two panels are made with 24 blocks and two panels are made with 16 blocks.  There is also a border along the entire quilt.   Repeat the pattern for the other side.

When both sides are complete, place right sides together and sew along the long edges.  Start sewing about two inches in so that you can close up the circle.   Now you have a long tube.  Turn to the right side.  I gave the whole thing a good ironing to get it nice and flat.

To close the circle, match up the correct sides.  For the first panel you can use your sewing machine, but the second panel will have to be sewn by hand.  I attached pictures of this to help, but for some reason I can't add image notes.  For one side, you just sew with right sides together and then the second panel will just fold over the first.

Where you choose to fold the circle will determine which pattern will be prominently desplayed on your bed.

Step 2: MAGNETS:

I thought long and hard for a way to secure the appliques.  I wanted to have the ability to place them anywhere on the quilt and I wanted to be able to use them as a decorating element in the room.  I thought of buttons and velcro but for various reasons opted not to use those products.  I think magnets was a good choice, since my daughter is now six and I don't have to worry about her ingesting one. 

I purchased 10 magnets that have a 25 pound pulling force.  They are the square magnets.  Then I purchased some smaller magnets that have a five pound pulling force. 

There are no magnets sewn into the quilt.  I wanted to be able to wash it without worry.

When I sewed them into the appliques, I left enough room so that the magnets can flip when necessary. 

All you have to do is slip one of the strong magnets in the center of the quilt and place an applique on top where you want it.  Make sure that you are not going to the bottom of the quilt and trying to get the magnets to stick together.  There is just too much fabric.  Once again, the strong magnets are placed in the center of the ring.

I hot glued magnets directly on the wall for the appliques that are not directly being used on the bed.

NOTE:  These magnets are strong and can really pinch a finger.  However, after they are in the appliques, they loose some of that power and are fine for little fingers.


For each applique I made a very simple pattern.  No sharp corners to turn out.  All the appliques have a layer of fabric, batting and then a muslin material for each side.  There are six layers to give them some substance.  Some appliques have different patterns on each side. 

There are detailed photos of the process attached with the owls.

I quilted each side separately and then sewed them together. Right sides together and then turned them out.  


The flowers have different patterns for both sides.  I made five petals and sewed them together and then attached the center.


I really wanted to do a section that represented our family: five little owls.

Step 6: BUSY BEES:

The bees have the  powerful magents inside.  They can be used to secure the appliques on the back side of the quilt as well as a design.  I used ribbon to make the wings and button eyes.

Step 7: BED BUGS:

These are the only bed bugs I want to see.  I put a small piece of wire in the antenna so they would stand up straight and could be bent.  Also, I didn't iron the wings because I liked the shape they took after quilting. 


I just love this fabric and my daughter just loves penguins.


Secret hearts have a hidden pocket in the center of the little  heart to keep your most treasured items in.  I would keep mad money.  My daughter keeps bubble gum and Dove chocolates =)


I really wanted to add an option that is more suited for boys.  The space ship is made with a clear vinyl window to add a picture.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, what a spectacular idea! I want a quick-change quilt!


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    Thank you. It is actually an idea that I had for about ten years, but never made a reality. The quilting contest was the kick I needed =)