I have A pair of JVC Noise canceling head phones . They  sound great and they were not cheap, so it was a bummer when the headset broke, and no one sell  replacement headsets.  So this is my fix . It took me 15 to 20 minutes hope you like it .This is my first up load .

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Step 1: FIRST

The thing you need.
- Metal hanger
- needle noise pliers
- Duct Tape , & electrical tape
- Scissors 

First  cut and bend the hanger to fit in around the speacker and in the side hole of the speackers . 
Cut enough of the hanger so you can bend  the metal  to you desired shape.

Step 2: Secound

Place the hang ends in my in the speackers and   line up the hang with the old head set .

Step 3: Third

Pinch the  wire  to fit the head set sides

Step 4: Forth

Begin to tape the wire   to head set , with the duck tape  for strong  base around the wire and headset   , then use the electrical tape for the rest .  I tape all around the the wire so nothing was showing and it gives  added support.

Step 5: Fin

Finish and enjoy what ever moves you.. 
thanks for the look.  I'M very interest in other peoples   creations.....

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