Peacock Quilling Earings

Introduction: Peacock Quilling Earings

Hey! In this instructable i am gon'na help you make your earings out of quilling strips

Basically my sister made these she is 14 yrs old, she don't like uploading all this so she asked me to do so for her!

Step 1: Things You Need

quilling strips



glue gun

quilling tool

Step 2: From the Basics

here i am going to show how to make rool, circles and different shapes . so that you can build your own customized!

first insert the strip into the tool and roll it until you get of your choice

Step 3: Glue the End

Step 4: Different Mould Shapes

Step 5: Make the Circles

make circles wrapped with 4 different strips (blue-orange-sky blue-dark blue)

make x8 such circles!!!

Step 6: Body,face,etc....

make the body circles as shwoon in the pic

Step 7: Take Out Your Earing's Module

mix the earing module with glue gun....

Step 8: You Are Done Now

Step 9: Here Are a Few of Them I Made!!

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