Qi Charger (car)

This project started with me being really lazy, because I was just to lazy to plug in my charger al the time, so it was time to do something about it...

The answer to my needs where actually quite simple: Qi. Qi is a wireless charging standerd that I am going to use, modern phones support this standard and there are lots of chargers available as wel as receivers. Since I have an iPhone that does not support Qi I am going to need a receiver.

Step 1: Parts

Things you are going to need for this project:

  • Something to build your box out
  • Some kind of Qi charger(the more coils the beter, I believe the maximum is 3)
  • Some 3D printer or one u can use
  • Some software that can create laser cutting files(Adobe illustrator) or you can just saw or cut (depending on the material) the material your self

The things I used:

Step 2: Prototype 1

So i started easy:

- First I grabbed my phone

- Second I simply measured my phone

- Third I drawn some squares with rounded corners in Adobe illustrator(see the Prototype 1.svg file) you can also cut or saw a material of your own choice

- Fourth put it all to getter with some hot glue

- Fifth my phone fits but thats all on to prototype number 2 where I will be adding the Qi charger

Step 3: Prototype 2

Of course my Qi charter could not fit in my first prototype so I needed to make one where my charger could fit in. Here u see my prototype 2 (Prototype 2.svg) I drawn it myself in Adobe illustrator. This time I used finger joints instead of just randomly gluing the parts together. It worked out quite nice but when I tilted it and put my phone on it it felt like the border was a bit small, it felt like my phone would just fall out by a slight turn and also there was a bit of slack around the Qi charger. So on to prototype number 3.

Step 4: Prototype 3

Instead of making al the drawings in Adobe illustrater myself i used an online tool to make a box for me: http://www.makercase.com This was much easier i just drawd a strait line at the top so the top would not have the finger joints and I also removed the upper pannel because i didn't need it. You can download my file if u are using the same dimensions. I was really satisfied with this prototype so i decided to keep it.

Step 5: Some Extras

Some extra things u can do:

You can open up your Qi charger and remove the coil and the charging circuit form its casing. I didn't do that but you can, just hot glue the coil of coils(depending on your Qi charger) and the charging circuit to the back plate of your box. Now you can put something nice over it like triplex or clouded acrylic just make sure it is not to thick and not a metal, metals and thick materials disrupt the signals that means you can't charge your phone anymore.

Step 6: Hinge

I wanted to be able to tilt my phone a bit when I was in the car so i 3d printed a hinge u can also use a normal hinge but i had an 3D printer so I went with that because i could make it any size.

Mounting the hinge can be done in different ways first you need to mount it to the box with the Qi charger. This u can do using some hot glue, epoxy or u can use screws but then u need to watch out where u screw them in and that you not screw them in your coil or charging circuit.

Mounting the hinge to the car can be a bit difficult i personally used double sided tape, but u can use other things like make a mount so u can mount it in the air vans or just use some wires true the air vans to tie it in place personally i taped the hinge to the car.

The file I used you can download here or form thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:176816



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