Quick and Easy Fresh Veggie Feeder for Your Fish




Introduction: Quick and Easy Fresh Veggie Feeder for Your Fish

This instructible will show you how to make a fresh veggie holder for your fish aquarium.  A lot of veggies I have tried still tend to float around, which makes it hard for the fish that eat veggies to catch. 

Step 1: Tools

One simple tool needed, needle nose type pliers.

Step 2: Materials

1 Suction cup
1 paper clip

I recycled these suction cups from out of my junk box.  Cant remember where I got them but Im sure hobby lobby or other craft stores may have them, Wal-mart might as well.

Step 3: Straighten Paper Clip

Straighten the paper clip and make a small loop in the end of it.

Step 4: Wrap

Wrap the looped end of the paper clip around the suction cup a couple of times and snug up around the cup.

Step 5: Bend

Make a u bend in the clip and cut short  so that the end of the wire doesn't poke any fish trying to nibble of the veggies.

Step 6: Thread Veggies

Thread the veggie you want to feed onto the paper clip.  I usually blanch the veggie for about 30 sec in the microwave before feeding, it softens the veggie.

Step 7: Attach

Attach the suction cup to the side of the aquarium at what ever level your fish usually swim at.



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    6 Discussions

    I'm going to make this happen. Feeding Red Cherry Shrimp!

    That is pretty cool. I bet my fish will like it.

    is that a redtail tinfoil barb tail i see?

    good idea, but do not forget that the metal must be avoided in an aquarium, especially in salt water
    I will do it, but with a curtain clip those who are like spiral, and plastic

    Thats a good idea, but have you thought about a magnetic version that would allow you to change food without actually having to plunge your hand into the water? Something similar to THIS, but only smaller and with your hook on the cleaning side. It could be used for cleaning/feeding at the same time.

    1 reply

    The link didnt work, but yes I thought about magnetic but I had the suction cups waiting to be reused for something.