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Introduction: Quad Copter From Scratch

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The desired output expected from making this instructables was to
make a low cost quad copter from easily available materials. I spent only 3$ for the completion of this project. But I couldn’t accomplish the main characteristics of any drone, that is it won’t fly due to inefficiency of motor (I used dc toy motors). Note that It is not a working model and I have not included any control circuit .The main aim was to make a cheap quad copter .The design of frame and propeller for this project is explained in the description.

Step 1: Materials Used:

1. Plastic ball(2 cm radius)
2. Styrofoam

3. Dc toy motor-4

4. Aluminum can (from spray bottles)

5. Used pen(It used to insert the propeller into motor)

6. Glue gun

7. Wires

8. A battery eliminator to vary the power supply

Step 2: Design of Frame:

The arms of quad copter are made as per the following dimension.

The Styrofoam piece is cut as per the dimension given

By using glue gun fix the prepared arms to the plastic ball

Step 3: Fixing Motors:

Fix dc motors to the edges of quad copter arms as per the image

Step 4: Connection Diagram:

Connect it as per the following image

Note that opposite arm should rotate in same direction .For example
here in my case 2 and 4 motor rotate in counter clock wise direction and 1 and 3 motor rotates in clock wise direction to balance the weight.

Step 5: Design of Propeller:

As main objective is to make a cheap quad copter, I made propeller
also from scratch, note that the design is not effective .

I have used aluminium can, Styrofoam pieces and a pen to build a

Keep aluminium can in between 2 Styrofoam piece and stick it with
glue gun .fix cut piece of pin to the down part using glue gun.so you can insert it into motor easily.my proto type model is given below.

Step 6: Final Assembly:

For your reference I have added video link below



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    20 Discussions

    have small motors it will fly

    I try it

    thanks for introductions

    1 reply

    no .it can't fly as per my design

    So i am trying to overcome the mistakes which i made

    if u use bigger propellers and use alcaline batteries it is surely gonna fly.....

    1 reply

    Hey Amal;

    Just wanted to say that you've got a really cool idea going here, trying to make as much as possible of a complex machine. I've been flying racing drones for a few years, and having built my own, noticed a few things you might want to address;

    - Motor strength: I think your conclusion that the motors are too weak is correct. Most drones above a prop size of 2-3" use brushless motors, simply because of the higher RPM's and low weight. You might want to try using smaller motors, props, and frame, or switching to brushless motors.

    - Props: Valiant effort on those props, but I think they might benefit from some changes. I can't quite tell exactly what they're constructed out of, but you might want to try heating and forming plastic, or something more rigid.

    - Frame: I noticed in the video your frame wasn't quite a perfect X or + shape. You might want to try using just two pieces for the arms and interlocking them in the centre to add some stiffness and keep the shape bang on.

    I really like the concept you've got going here, and I think your design of a wired drone is totally possible. Keep it up!

    1 reply

    It's a worthy experiment. Looks like you'd have a tethered drone, just to fly up and tug on the wires like a helium balloon. For the price that would be pretty cool. You'd have to use fine (thin, lightweight, very flexible) wires. Try using large-area blades carved from balsa wood, or find the right kind of scrap plastic and curve it for efficiency. Instead of foam arms, use four circles for ducts around the propellers, big enough or close enough to glue together. If the motors are just too heavy and inefficient to provide lift off the ground, add skirts of plastic bag material to the ducts and try it as a hovercraft!

    1 reply

    yes you are right , It is just a beginning ,so as a beginner i just made it .For future development your suggestions would be helpful

    You r welcome bro,but a flying quadcopter from scratch is not possible unless your scratch is a broken drone or has some brushless motors wid esc's in it

    1 reply

    Hey man cool project, mostly I haven't seen someone go so far as to make their own propellers on here before. Just a note, you say in the first paragraph that it is due to inefficiencies in the motors that is keeping it grounded, those toy motors are plenty powerful to lift a properly sized drone which yours dosen't look unusually heavy, I think your biggest limitation to this flying is your homemade props, I bet if you just got some similar sized off the shelf ones you could have this flying.Now you don't have controls so you wont be able to steer it, but it would be in the air :)

    5 replies

    Thanks for commenting

    My aim is to make a flying quad copter from easily available materials.So i made all parts of quad copter from scratch.As you mentioned in comment i agree that the propeller design is not effective.I have started learning about quad copter recently and i concluded that the flying problem is due to the inefficiency of motor.I will work on the propeller design and I expect that the quad copter would be in air.

    Those motors look a lot heavier than most of the brushed motors I've seen on quadcopters- I just bought a Syma X5C and the motors are 7mm diameter, barely thicker than a ballpoint pen. Your motors are a lot bigger so will probably need much more lift, which will mean bigger props.

    The bigger problem here will be control: how do you propose to vary the speed of the motors when it's flying?

    You should definitely keep at it, you might well get this model flying while tethered to the ground - or alternatively, build a fixed wing plane and attach a long string to one wingtip so you can fly tethered outside. Once you've done that you can move on to adding R/C features and maybe have yourself something controllable :)

    Thanks for commenting

    I mentioned on description that my aim is just to lift it up, and the quad copter which i made must be from scrap.

    i am a beginner on quad copter control and all , and thanks for giving your suggestions .

    now currently i am working on to make a propeller from wooden pieces .your suggestion will be helpful .

    it won't work unless u use bldc motors and esc's to control them! u need some flexible ,but sturdy propellers...try going thru some documentations on Google..ul understand it

    yes it is correct ,without brush less motors and ESC ,it is difficult to control .My project aim is just make a flying quad copter from scratch.

    Thanks for commenting