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recover the metal fine enough (for transport) and sturdy enough not to break (test a two by jumping on the bike after welding!)

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Step 1: The Welding

the welding is done with the MiG without gas, thought has well stripped the places to weld (metallic brush or disqueuse), and hit on the solder just after soldering (with the hammer) to let the impurities of the weld (it will hold it better)

I do not have enough image on this manufacturing step

but I would be good advice, the template must be well maintained (you can drill and place wire on the two pieces solder, you can point with a weld, or wedge the two pieces of metal to weld with angles of welder or masonry serjoins)

Step 2: Let Everything Be Right!

obviously you will need a flat place to take your level and everything is right

Step 3: The Fixing of the Forks and Directions

I made a thick metal piece for the bike frames, first weld the frames then place the piece (square) and hammer over and solder the piece over.

so that the directions is identical in height and alignment I fix a bar threaded between the two direction bolted between them.

pay close attention to the alignment of the rear gears and front!

Step 4: Flying

the steering bars of the steering wheel are two bars inserted into one another then screwed not solder (to be able to undo them in case)

the seats are seats of scooters, it's better

the directions are connected to each other by the fork of each one with a flat bar screwed underneath which has a bolts connected (with a little play) to a large bar pierced at the other bar pierce the other fork of bike

the shuttlecocks are ruffles of karts

Step 5: In the End, I Have Not Finished! Engine and Suspension of Mountain Bike Soon!

after testing and put a lot of weight I chose to change the direction with suspention, I made it in a few days, and then I would place a homemade engine with batteries, I change this instructable soon!

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    Welcome! I alwase love it when someone comments on my instructables!


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    Great project! Are you going to post a video?

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