In every country all over the world the pollution problems are very high , we have smoke coming from cars , busses , industries and homes. So this made me think how, I , as a citizen of my country , a citizen of this world want to eradicate the pollution problem and make this world a more eco-friendly place. So the solution to all these problems, is the DIY Quadrocycle , it is pollution-free and one other advantage is that you burn more calories while riding this vehicle.

Step 1: Start With the Base

So to start with this project , it is better to start with the base, the size of your Quadrocycle really depends on your preference , the size i choose was a really random length and breadth , but my main aim was to just fit all the features in it easily.

Total length of the base rod = 2102 mm

The breadth of the cycle car , is kind of complicated because totally their are three rods that go in as the breadth of of the vehicle. The front and middle rod is 1095 mm and the breadth of the 3rd rod located at the back of the cycle is 1230 mm , this varied measurements were done to fit in different features , but you can go ahead and modify it they way you prefer.

And make sure these rods are hollow because you will need to pass an axle through it.

So once you've welded all these rods together your ready for the next step.

Step 2: The Steering and Front Wheels

The steering I thought was the hardest , but after careful study , it can be accomplished quite easily. Just look at the pictures above that i took and i' m sure you'll breeze through this step.

Their are a lot of pictures i have taken and uploaded, so i hope that will help you guys if you wanna build this fun car.

The car is equipped with 28" wheels but i'm sure other sizes will go to , it's just the height between the ground and your vehicle that will differ.

Step 3: Brakes and Back Wheels

The back wheel axle passes through the middle rod of the cycle and not the last one.

For the brakes of this vehicle , i made it in a way that only the back wheels get the braking system and not the front wheels , because i found it a little challenging to put brakes in the front , but feel free to try it. So the back left and right wheel each get their own separate brakes. I also equipped the back wheels with mud guards , you can fix mud guards in the front too but it's really upto how much you wanna spend in this eco-friendly project .

Don't forget to put bolts on the axle after you attach everything on each side , so that you can prevent all the gears , braking system and wheel from falling. You might need to do some threading on the axle , depending on the wheels .

You also might need to buy longer brake wires because your braking system is going to be at the back , and so the distance from the front handle bar to the back is quite long.

Step 4: Pedal and the Seats

The seat is actually quite a convenient one , because i made it in a way that a person of any height can use it . wondering how ? , the seat is adjustable , so according to the person's height they can move the seat backwards or front to pedal well.(please look at the pictures to get a better view)

Seat sizes vary according to one's preference, the dimensions i used where :

seat base length = 359 mm

seat base breadth = 303 mm

seat back length = 455 mm

seat back breadth = 303 mm

and these measurements are only the dimensions of the wood i used and not the blue frame size.

The crank arm is located 585 mm from the front rod of the Quadrocycle ( this is according to my frame size )and accordingly i fixed the pedals too. For the chain , you might need to attach two chains together and make it as one, as the distance between the two gears is quite a lot .

Step 5: Steering Wheel and Handle Bar

The left bar to hold the steering wheel was welded 725 mm from the front rod of the cycle car , I inclined it to about 45 degrees and the length of that rod is 605 mm. you can use a normal cycle handle bar or a steering wheel if you like . You can also equip the handle bar with a honk or even a bell.

The right handle bar , performs no function , but i felt like building that part so that the person sitting in the right can get a better grip by holding on to it while pedaling. The angle of inclination for this bar was just a random angle that i took, so you can change it to whichever you prefer. The right bar was welded 260 mm from the front rod of the cycle car , the length being 800 mm and the length of the handle bar located on the top of that bar is 300mm. i made that handle with a PVC pipe and then fixed it .

Step 6: Ceiling and Extras

In my country has it gets very hot in the summer , I decided to add a ceiling to this vehicle , and coincidently it also served as a very useful feature during the rainy season . The ceiling material is tarpaulin, I would prefer you to use white , as it reflects sunlight . I used blue because it matched the color of my Quadrocycle.

The length of the ceiling is 2255 mm and the breadth is 1150 mm , just make sure that the tarpaulin covers the entire vehicle. Another useful thing , is that this ceiling can be taken out. When you don't feel like having this ceiling , you can just pull it out including the four PVC pipes which hold it . For making the PVC pipes stand , take a hollow cylindrical metal pipe and weld it to the sides of the car and then simply put the pipes in the metal cylinders , but don't fix the pipes permanently as you might wanna take it out sometime or the other.

So as you all know the cycle can accommodate two people only, but since I wanted to make it a four seater , I placed of board of wood at the back , so that one or two people could sit on it . The length of the board of wood is 990 mm and the breadth is 533 mm .

The back seating is a multi-purpose place , you could even store boxes , or if your going on a picnic , it might come in handy to hold all your picnic stuff.

Now after your all done with your Quadrocylce , your ready to take it out for a spin , and just make sure the brakes and wheels are attached tightly and properly.

I also wanted to add a lot of cool functions to this Quadrocycle , but since I didn't have the time , I just left it as a basic or in other words a simple Quadrocycle.

Some other ideas that you might like , that i really wanted to do was:

1. Bluetooth speakers

2. Cushions for all the seats

3. Head lights and tail lights

4. Solar powered fans

5. Phone charger ( generates electricity from the cycle wheel and charges your smart phone )

So it's really upto your imagination and creativity , you can equip you vehicle with anything you like , use any color paints you like,or mix it up and paint it with every color possible. You can change the dimensions of this Quadrocycle , seats , modify it , just make sure you protect your environment and use eco-friendly devices to make this vehicle better .

And most of all don't forget to have FUN !!!

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    70 Discussions


    2 years ago

    lovely design, it gets hot in the Arizona Desert as well, and windy. It would also accommodate those whose balance is not good enough for a standard bike design.


    3 years ago

    Nice built vikram. Keep rocking :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Regarding gearing, we get a lot of Japanese surplus bikes here in the Philippines that use internally geared hubs rather than derailleurs and multi-sprockets. These bikes only have 3 speeds, but better than nothing. Install would probably be much easier as well.

    3 replies

    4 years ago on Introduction

    wow this looks great, but also looks super high geared for the weight you are carrying. I know you don't want to get into the complexity of a gear shifting mechanism. Putting a larger gear on the back would probably make pedaling less effort though. We have a quad cycle at our school, and it has a really high gear and can barely get up a small grade without someone getting off and pushing.

    5 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks and Do you mean putting a smaller gear at the back and a larger gear in the front ?
    Because I think then it will definitely be easier to pedal


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    First of all, I LOVE IT!!! :)

    Regarding gearing, you would do the opposite; larger gear in the back and/or smaller gear in front.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    No pics of the build? I'm kind of doubting you made this yourself. It is a great bike though, whoever built it.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    This is my first instructable , and I'm new to all of this . I never knew how to go about it . Plus I finished building this before the competition started , then I realized that it would be great to participate in this, when I looked at other people's project , some of them also did not show the building , so i just went ahead .


    4 years ago

    I'd love to see a 4-seated version if someone would go thru the effort because I am unable to do so.....at this time...

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    plus it would be useful to many lol


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love the bike, I always wanted to make one, but adding an electric motor & solar panels for a roof. baratacus was correct about the gear, the closer the two gears are in size the easier it will be to pedal, but if you go too close, you will have all power & no speed, you have to find the happy medium. Also you use the word solder when you talk about connecting tubes etc. together, you are using regular pipe lead solder are you? that will never take any stress, or not for long, one must weld or braze metal together for strength.

    great looking bike though, looks like to put a lot of time & effort into it!

    2 replies