Quail Overwintering in the Greenhouse. Organic Forest Gardening. Mes Cailles Travaillant Dans La Serre. Mis Codornices De Trabajo En El Invernadero




About: I live in a forest garden by the sea in an old Celtic longhouse in the Baie de Mont Saint Michel, France, where we raise quail, rare breed chickens and pigeons organically. I was born in England, the furthes...

A great place to keep your quail warm, happy and safe and to get your pest control and weeding done at the same time. Andy's 5 Dollar/Euro/Pound Greenhouse detailed design and  construction can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br5sE8Pg6Vc&list=TLwL4OEjfka_mgEJlD45ecEi5YWYuNwrFa

Un bon endroit pour garder vos cailles chaudes, heureuses et en sécurité et de lutter contre les ravageurs et le désherbage effectué en même temps. Notre serre pour 5 Dollars / Euros / Livres de la conception détaillée et la construction peut être trouvé ici:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br5sE8Pg6Vc&list=TLwL4OEjfka_mgEJlD45ecEi5YWYuNwrFa

Un gran lugar para mantener sus codornices cálidas, felices y seguras y conseguir el control de plagas y escarda hacer al mismo tiempo. Nuestro invernadero durante 5 Dólars / Euros / Libras con el diseño detallado y la construcción se puede encontrar aquí: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br5sE8Pg6Vc&list=TLwL4OEjfka_mgEJlD45ecEi5YWYuNwrFa



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank-you so much for your lovely comment! I really appreciate it. It was just on the spur of the moment I posted this film, as there is no category for organic poultry or in fact any kind of homesteading on Instructables and in the past I just ended up posting in pets, which is sort of OK. I'm so glad I did now, again many thanks, I'm just sitting down to breakfast after letting the poultry out and you have already made my day! All the best, Sue