Quanum XJ470 Folding Quadcopter/Drone: Build, Modifications & Flight Test


Introduction: Quanum XJ470 Folding Quadcopter/Drone: Build, Modifications & Flight Test

This video is intended as an easy reference/reminder. Some screens may change too quickly to see all the detail so you might have to use 'Pause'. Here's the Menu:

00.12 - What's in the box?; 00.50 - Hobbyking parts list & our modification list; 01.09 - All other components used in the build; 02.50 - Build Part 1: The Arms; 04.14 - Build Part 2: The body; 04.56 - Build Part 3: Attach the arms to the body, add the electronics & motors; 05.30 - Build Part 4: Modification: Mount for the ESC's and the 12V UBEC; 06.11 - Adapting the motors; 06.52 - Build Part 5: Preparing the top plate and the gimbal mount; 07.51 - Build Part 6: Landing Gear; 08.52 - Build Part 7: Adding the Flight Controller, GPS/Compass, top plate etc.; 09.27 - Flight Test: Standard Arducopter 'X' quad' parameters*.

Drone specification: Quanum XJ470 frame kit, X8R receiver for a Taranis Tx, Quanum 12V UBEC, RCTimer 5A/5V switching UBEC, RCTimer 40A HVSK OPTO ESC's, HK annunciator, APM 2.6 Flight Controller (Arducopter v3.2.1), NEO 6 GPS & Compass, HXT60 power loom, folding compass mount, FC anti-vibration mount for flight controller, LiPo battery alarm/monitor, RCTimer HP2814-910kv brushless motors, LED light strips, Tarot 152mm battery trays, various bolts and spacers.

You can buy the Quanum XJ470 frame kit from HobbyKing. Most other parts can be bought at RCTimer or HobbyKing.

*Please note that the flight test footage was conducted experimenting with a foam base for the APM 2.6 and allowed some vibration to get to the flight controller, hence the drone does drift up and down slightly. With the anti-vibration mount used - as shown in this video this problem has been solved.



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