Shutdown Timer

Introduction: Shutdown Timer

This is my third instructable..

This instructable will teach u how to use timer control in windows xp via cmd ... This really helps a lot especially if u're a torrent geek

Step 1: Run Cmd

First of all Run cmd .. Here's how:-

1.Start -> Run -> cmd

Now type in the following code:
Shutdown -s -t xxxx                   (Note: xxxx refers to seconds)

eg: Shutdown -s -t 3600         (The system will shutdown after an hour)
       Shutdown -s -t 1800         (Half an hour)
       Shutdown -s -t 7200         (Two Hours and so on)

Now if u want to cancel the shutdown process here's the code

Shutdown -a

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    2 Discussions

    Craig Bird
    Craig Bird

    7 years ago on Introduction

    -c "comment here"
    Leaves a comment on the message for the person to read.