Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup

Introduction: Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup

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Here is more of a pretty look for halloween as I know that the more gruesome you get the harder it can be. So this is nice and easy, pretty and you should have all these items in your makeup collection anyway.

There is also a tutorial attached to this so you can see what i'm doing.

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Step 1:

First you should apply some primer to help protect you skin from all of the makeup and will help the makeup last a little longer and look more flawless.

Then with your normal foundation apply this tot eh face like normal and than fill in your brows maybe a little more dramatic then you usually would.

Step 2:

Now with a nude pencil you are going to want to draw a heart on the forehead. The reason for a nude pencil is so that if you make a mistake you can fix it easier. You can also get a better idea of how its going to look before going straight in.

Once you have the heart drawn go in with a red shadow and start around the outline of the heart and start blending this inwards making sure to get a gradual colour the close to the centre you get.

Then with a white shadow apply this to the centre of the heart and blend this out into the red.

Step 3:

Using the white shadow again apply this onto the inner corner of the eye and out into the centre. Then with the red apply this on the outer corner and into the crease. Make sure these both blend out into one another.

Step 4:

With the red shade you are going to want to take this from the red in your crease and down your nose like a contoured nose.

Step 5:

Then with your concealer you are going to want to get rid of any dark circles you may have on your under eyes and then set them with setting powder.

Step 6:

Then with your bronzing powder apply this to your cheeks as normal and then with a smaller blush apply the red shade in the hallows of your cheeks too and then blend this out into the bronzer.

Step 7:

With the red then apply this onto the lower lash line to bring this all together. Also apply this shade to your quipids bow as a little highlight

Step 8:

With a pink highlighter apply this on the qupids bow also, highest points of the cheeks, nose and inner eye corner

Step 9:

With some lash glue apply this onto the lid over the top of the white shadow and centre of the heart and then go over with some quite glitter.

Step 10:

With some pink glitter you are going to want to go around the outside part of heart.

Step 11:

Then with a pink lipstick apply this to your lips.

Step 12:

Now go in with your mascara and apply this to the top and lower lashes and then apply your false lashes too.

Step 13:

Finally as There was something missing apply a intense preferably white gel liner to the water line to really open up your eyes.

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