Quick, Cheap, and Easy Tripod





Introduction: Quick, Cheap, and Easy Tripod

this is a very simple tripod for a camera that you can keep in your pocket. just screw it onto a water bottle, which shouldn't be a problem since there are coke machines everywhere.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 1/4" hex bolt, 3/4" long
2 1/4" hex nut
1 bottle cap

1/4" drill bit

< 5 minutes

< $.50

Step 2: Drill Bottle Cap

use a 1/4" or slightly smaller drill bit and drill into the center of the bottle cap.

Step 3: Screw Nut 1

screw one of the nuts onto the bolt all the way down.

Step 4: Add to Cap

screw the bolt onto the bottle cap.

Step 5: Screw Nut 2

screw on the other nut.

Step 6: Use

screw the bottle cap onto a full water bottle. depending on the siz of the camera and location of the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera, it should hold.



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    15 Discussions

    Well actually yes and no...Monopod (literal sense yes, ofcourse), you need to hold it in hand and shoot. Since we dont need to here, its not a monopod.

    Crap I was just about to make my first instructable off this, good thing I checked first.

    Not exactly a tripod when it dosen't have 3 legs. Its more of a monopod.

    Anyway, it's genial.

    damn, i didn't know. oh well. i'll leave it up, anyways.