Quick and Easy Bird Scare - AKA the Auto Defender




I need a solution to my pigeon problem! My cars are in a direct line between two trees, and since pigeons aren't exactly discriminating in their choice of dropping sites they are often the target. I put this bird scare together with parts from my project bin in a half an hour! Free and fast, my two favorite 'F' words. :)

Because they have really nice tools and a big space, I made it at TechShop! http://www.TechShop.ws

Step 1: Gather Materials

For the bird scare you need:

4 Old CD's
1 3/4 PVC Cross
3 18 Inch pieces of 3/4 PVC Pipe
2 Fishing line Swivels
Epoxy or plastic glue
2 small eye screws
Flag Pole Mount


Drill and bits

Step 2: Assemble the Tree

Put the PVC pipe together as shown. The joints fit very tightly, so I didn't need glue.

Step 3: Paint!

PVC will degrade if exposed to direct sunlight. So I cleaned the PVC thoroughly and painted with a tan color I had in the workshop.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Drill a small hole in the top and bottom of the CD. The location should correspond to the size of your swivel.

Drill a small pilot hole and screw in the eye hooks in the ends of the of the PVC arms. I placed them about 2 inches in from the end.

Insert the swivel in the screw eyes and the CD's.

Step 5: Install Flagpole Mount

I already had a flagpole mount on the house, so I was able to skip this step.

Step 6: Profit!

Insert your Bird Scare into the Flag pole mount, tighten thumb screw.

Your Bird Scare is mounted and working! Now I am off to wash the car!


Reflective type Bird Scares should be mounted in a spot where they will get sunlight most of the day.

A cross fitting was used to allow for more scares. You can add more trees and different types of reflectors or chimes to further deter the birds.



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