Quick and Easy Rubber Band Ball

Introduction: Quick and Easy Rubber Band Ball

About: I have always been a fan of the site and wanted to contribute. Any free time I have I now spend either viewing other people's instructables or planning one. It's fun to create!

Stuck in the office?
Are your boredom levels off the charts?
Have 10 minutes to kill until quitting time?
Let's ramp up the fun level and make the day seem shorter with this super fun bouncy ball.

Step 1: Excuse Me, I Believe You Have My Stapler.

Between 30 or 40 rubber bands should be enough. Size doesn't matter, just try and make sure the ones you grab are not dried or torn.

Any scrap piece of paper will do. Just ball it up, not much to explain.

Scavenge around and gather what you need, but make sure nobody will miss them. You don't want somebody accusing you of thievery.

Step 2: Wrap It Up!

Wrap the paper with the bands twisting them as necessary to get them tight.

Put them perpendicular and then alternating so they don't create a lump on one side.

Step 3: Get Your Roll On

Using you hand, roll the ball every couple of bands to keep it somewhat spherical.

Rolling it will also pop off any loose bands that would later create a problem. If any loose ones do come on just make sure they're not damaged and put them back on.

Step 4: Time to Bounce.

Mine ended up being about the same size as a golf ball, unintentionally, but it's solid and has a nice bounce to it. A time killer in both making it and playing with it, and when you're done with it you can turn back into just boring old office rubber bands.

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