Quick and Easy Salamander Tank

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Hi everyone! I have two salamanders as pets, and I had no idea where to put them. This is a very easy tank to build, and I hope it helps! What you'll need: 1 large Rubbermaid tote Rocks Decorations( optional)

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Step 1: Tote

First you will need to find a large tote. I prefer mine clear to allow sunlight to enter

Step 2: Water and Rocks

Next you will need to add about an inch of water, but not too much because you want the rocks to poke out of the water. Next, add 4 to 5 rocks, and make a pile in one corner

Step 3: Decoration

The third step is to add any decorations you like. My tank has a small piece of PVC pipe, a toy pirate ship, different shells , marbles, and a few small rocks

Step 4:

Now add your salamanders!!

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    Thanks. I also have 2 goldfish and 4 crayfish