Quick Bench Hook From Scraps

Introduction: Quick Bench Hook From Scraps

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Building a bench hook is a simple and fast task, but it quite worth it when you need to saw small sticks with a back saw.

This one is made from a small piece of pine, which is screwed to a small scarp of 6mm plywood.

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Step 1: Cutting the Cross Members

Cut the crossmembers to lenght making them fit in width of the plywood.

Step 2: Add Screws to Join Cross Members and Plywood

Screw the cross members on each side of the plywood with a distance of approximately 20 cm.

Make sure that the screws are counter sunk - can be done by drivnig the screws a bit hard - to make sure the work pieces are not scratched by accident.

Potentially take a bit of sand paper and remove the burs where the screws went in.

Step 3: 3 Minutes Later and You Are Ready to Cut Using Your New Bench Hook

Add materiale and cut away!

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