Quick Biodegradable Camping Utensil Spork Hack




Introduction: Quick Biodegradable Camping Utensil Spork Hack

This is a cheap and easy way to have a camping utensil that you can use over and over again, great for backpacking, great for kids, its dishwasher safe and its biodegradable just in case you drop it in the wilderness. You just take a yogurt spoon from your favorite yogurt shop and cut 3 little triangles in the top of the spoon. Next, drill a hole in the back end of the handle and tie some string (I used hemp) so you can attach it to your backpack or whatever you want.



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    Stupid? Hanger hole patent?

    If the yogurt shop gets them from a yogurt supply store. http://arcticsupplies.com/biodegradable-swirl-yogurt-spoons