Quick, Cheap, and Easy Movie Star Wedding Ideas




Introduction: Quick, Cheap, and Easy Movie Star Wedding Ideas

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

Here are quick, cheap and easy ways to pull off a movie star wedding reception and have great fun doing it.  Most of the things I used  are stuff that you would probably throw away but here are ideas to make them glam!  A dollar here and a dollar there quickly adds up when you have more than 25 guest.  Save your hard earned cash and use the money you have set aside for the wedding and enjoy a longer honey moon. 

Enjoy looking around and I hope that I have inspired you to created something that will work for you!

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Step 1: Marilyn Monroe Wedding Favors

All of these projects are very easy and require few things to purchase.  For Marilyn all you need is: Per guest

1 Empty Spam can 
1 Mesh bath sponge
1 Large LED light if you like
Glue or tape
Paper doll pattern you can down load here: http://100megsfree4.com/gogators4/ .

Simple to make:

Print out Marilyn and her dress and cut them out.    If you move the page over you will find more paper dolls. 

Remove label from Spam can.

Glue the doll to the inside of the can facing center front.

Place mesh bath sponge in the can with the tag down. 

Place the light in the can where you can't see it. 

Cut small slits in her skirt so those parts can be woven through to make it look like her dress. Three small slits should be enough.   It is a little tricky but you can do it. 

Glue or tape her legs on the outside of the can in position with her body. 

Glue just a small spot on her dress to attach to the doll.  You want to leave plenty of room to weave the mesh through the slits to look like the dress. 

After that place glue where needed.

That is all!

Step 2: I Love Lucy

Did you know that August 6, 2012 Lucille Ball would have been 100?  Here is a link with a video clip of Lucy:  Recently they had a look alike show for Lucy in celebration of her 100th birthday.  Printing out articles about movie stars and having them available at the reception might break the ice and start up conversations. 


Supplies are for 1 item:

Paper doll and dress ( link on step 1)

1 Mason jar with lid painted or unpainted

2 small scraps of fabric

Small scrap of batting just a small fist is enough

Lolly pop


Ribbon to tie on the jar and around the lolly pop

Pins for embellishments

All you do is paint the jar.

Cut out a small piece of fabric using a saucer for the pattern.

Roll up a small fist of batting and place the fabric over it and position it over the jar and put the lid on. 

Wrap the ribbon around and tie a bow.

Stick a few pins in the top.

Using the wrapper from the lolly pop as a pattern, cut out the shape using pinking sheers if you like.

Place the wrapper back on the lolly pop.

Place the fabric over the lolly pop, give it a twist and tie a ribbon around it.

Cut out Lucy and her dress.

Glue her dress to her body.

Stick her to the jar.

The jar can be used for storing thread.

Step 3: Bette Davis

Betty Davis was such a great actress!  Here is a link about her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bette_Davis. Here is another link on how to do your hair Bette Davis style: http://www.bettedavis.com/.  I kind of remember reading that Bette Davis and Lucille Ball went to school together.  I thought it would be nice to print this out to get conversation started at the reception.  Maybe have it at each place settings. 

What you need is:

1 Bottle of POM  I liked this idea for couples with the first names P and M.

1 small ribbon to tie around the bottle.

Betty Davis paper doll link in step 1

Glue or tape to stick Bette to the bottle.

Step 4: Betty Boop

What you need:

Print and cut out the paper doll and clothes.  link in step 1
1 Waffle bowl
Small portion jelly beans
1 Small painted red  jar
1 small scrap of fabric to wrap the inside of the jar
Tape or glue

All you need to do is:

Place the fabric in the jar. 

Fill  the waffle bowl with jelly beans.

Place the bowl on top of the jar.

Stick Betty to the jar.

Step 5: Marilyn Monore Waffle Cone

What you need:

1 Empty Gatorade bottle and the small rim
1 Small ribbon
1 Small waffle cone
1 Portion jelly beans
1 umbrella
1 large picture of Marilyn's face  go to step 1 for link.

This is what to do!

Cut the top part of the Gatorade bottle very carefully.
Stick the waffle cone in the bottle top.
Fill with jelly beans.
Tie a ribbon around the top.
Place the umbrella in the jelly beans.
Place Marilyn's face in the jelly beans.

That is all.

Step 6: A & W Root Beer Mug

This is one of my Favorites!  Check out the history of A & W and how it got its name:  http://www.rootbeer.com/.

What you will need:

1 Empty Gatorade bottle with the top cut off
1 Gatorade orange lid and orange rim
1 Small piece of brown felt to go inside the bottle
Black Marker Pen
2 Straws
1 frosted cupcake

Glue the rim to the bottle for the handle.
Scrape off the letters of the orange lid.
Mark the letters on the Gatorade bottle lid A & W with the black marker.
Glue it to the inside of the bottle.
Cut the felt to fit inside the bottle.
Place the felt inside the bottle.
Place the cupcake in the bottle.
Add 2 straws.

If you would like to add the Elizabeth Taylor paper doll then copy the pattern  step 1 and if you want to know how I made the dress I have instructions here:  http://instructables.com/id/Quick-Easy-and-Cheap-Notebook-Wedding-Ideas/#step11.

Step 7: Bread Favor

What you need for the bread favor box is:

1 Empty Spam Can
1 Tube paint
1 small white cardboard
1 tiny clothes pin
1 Baked loaf of tea bread or mini loaf of bread
Wax paper to wrap bread in
1 small ribbon
1 Button

Type up the recipe and decorated the card if you like.
Wrap the bread in wax paper and tie a ribbon around it and glue on the button.
Write Thank You on the can or decorate it how you like.
Place the bread in the tin.
Attach the recipe card with the clothes pin.

That is all!

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