Quick Cheap DIY LED Light Stick (For Concert)




Introduction: Quick Cheap DIY LED Light Stick (For Concert)

This is the easiest way to create a LED Light stick that looks like a KingBlade.

I spent around 4$ considering I used some available scrap materials that I already have.
This is a very ugly work and not yet refined. You may consider this a Beta version because I create this in a whim.

I have a good Light stick from a toy light saber with RGB color LEDS interchangeable color. I will create an instructables for it the soonest I can find the materials that I used.

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Step 1: Gather the Following Materials.

This is highly available in your local Bookstores and Phone Accesories/gadget stores.

Note that Price is converted to USD from PHP
Key Materials:
1. Opaque White Plastic Folder. Price is .25$.
2. Colored Plastic Envelope (the thinnest the possible). I will use Red for this Tutorial. Price is .15$.

3. USB Power Bank. Note that you need only a single Cell Power Bank with the USB Port on top. Price is around 2$. This is just the generic one you can even buy on the street sides in the markets.
4. USB LED Light Bulb (the smallest). In my country, this can be bought all over the place, But i bought mine in the store called cdr-king. Price is around 1$.

5. Scotch Tape and Electrical Tape. (might be available in your households).. Price for both is 1$ for a good quality tapes, it might cost more.
6. Hair Pin

Optionals. (I will explain this later)

1. Clear Plastic Sheet (Thinnest the better)
2. Reflective Sheet (anything, even the wrapper of your favorite cracker or just Alluminum Foil)
3. Some Hair Rubber Band
4. Colored or Metalic Tapes. (Just for Design purpose)

Step 2: LED Bulb

Remove the Opaque Dome of the LED Bulb.

Step 3: Cutting the Folder.

This will serve as the Tube for the Light Stick.
The size will depend on what you want but the recommended size is around 6" long tube and rolled around until it looks like a tube, then fit it inside the LED Bulb Base to get the perfect tube shape.

You can Insert the LED Bulb Dome in the top side of the tube so you can only bother of fitting the base. Put a little amount of tape just to make the shape of the tube.

Then you can now tape the Folder Side from top to Bottom to create the Tube Shape. use transparent tape to fix the Tube in the LED Bulb base.

Step 4: Cutting the Colored Plastic Sheet

You may Cut this plastic sheet with the same rule as the folder. But the Number of roll might be depended on the thickness of the plastic sheet. For mine I use at least 3 timed rolled. Note that more roll of this can block the Light and make your light stick Very Dim.

Height is recommended to be slightly higher than the tube to reach the Led Bulb Dome when fitted. This will prevent it from moving inside while you are using the Light Stick.

It is better to make the colored tube smaller than the White Tube. (see next step for the size)

Step 5: Optional: Improve Light in the Tube

1. Use a Clear Plastic sheet the same size as the Colored Sheet. Now, roll it to fit INSIDE the red colored tube.
2. Cut a piece of reflective sheet into a circle to fit the top of the colored tube. It is better if this is slightly bigger to cover the whole top of the colored tube.

3. Tape the Reflective sheet in the top of the colored tube, make sure that no light will pass through the sides and this reflective sheet is totally blocking the whole top of the colored tube.

* This is an optional and will help improve the lights to travel up to the top of the tube. The reflective sheet will help to reflect light in the upper part of the light stick.

Reflective clear tube will also help the light to travel longer than using only the colored tube.

Step 6: Cover the Tube and Apply E-tapes

Now Cover the Tube with the Bulb Dome and apply tapes to fix it in place. It is better to Apply Transparent Tape first before covering with electrical tape or Metallic/colored tape. We know that electrical tapes became sticky in the long run.

Step 7: Support

You can use any solid materials here like Popsicle sticks.
Just tape it around the Bulb Base to support the power bank.

For Mine I use the excess White Folder to create a handle. I tape it around the Bulb Base. But as I said, this part will be dependent on the available material. You may create the handle with you own design.

I used some hair rubber band to fit the handle in the power bank.

NOTE: Make sure that you are not holding the powerbank alone upon using, the USB port of the Bulb Might break.

Now, Design the handle and your good to go!

Tips: You may use bike handle Bar Tapes in covering the handle or any colored tapes just for aesthetics

Step 8: Done!

Time to party!

*Sorry for the ugly works here, I create this in a whim because i need this Light Stick for a concert the next day.
But Hey, They cant see it in the dark right? All they will care is the light!

*I will update this when i find the time to design the handles.

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    I can teach you to make super bright glowsticks for concert if you're interesed! Greetings