Quick Cheap Versatile Hand Tool Holder

Introduction: Quick Cheap Versatile Hand Tool Holder

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This instructable is really to share an excellent find at Home Depot.

Backstory - I decided to move my hand tools closer to have them handily at hand (Well there's a deep thought). I started looking at magnetic strips thinking they'd be quick, easy, and versatile. That idea ended quickly when I saw the prices of the mag strips. I then saw a pic of someone using a length of wooden moulding and thought it looked like a cheaper option that fit the tools nicely so off to Home Depot I go. The least expensive best shaped wooden mouldings were about a buck a foot. Not bad and I still decided to do some more perusing and found IT!

Home Depot calls it: Stabilit 855 1/4 in. x 1-3/8 in. x 96 in. PVC Composite White FRP Divider Moulding Model # 10002-ZW096CB Internet #205347156 Store SKU #471869.

Note the length 96in. That's 8 feet! And it costs... Drum roll please ....... Wait for it.... Wait for it... $2.61/piece.

Majorly cheap material!

From the pics you can see I just cut and glued three 2x4s to make a stand to hang the Divider Moulding on. You can make the width and heights of the 2x4s whatever works for your bench space & tools. I suggest hanging the moulding on front and back for balance. The more you hang the heavier and more stable the stand gets.

As you can see by the included profile of the Divider Moulding the horizontal piece can easily be drilled to allow for small drivers of various types making the business end visible for quick recognition.

There ya go, instruction light/idea & possibility heavy organizing for your tools.

I'd like to see what ya'll come up with for this super material!

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    3 years ago

    That's a neat fix :)