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Introduction: Quick DIY XBOX 360 Battery Pack

If you own an XBOX 360 with wireless controllers, you may know the horrifying experience of losing your battery backs.   Especially right when a big game comes out and all your friends want to play.  Well this instructable tells you how to make a quick, cheap, robust, temporary replacement for the original plastic battery packs.  

This instructable uses a more permanent solution similar to the original pack, yet can be made from around the house parts.  It is much easier to replace the batteries than mine.  

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- two (2) AA batteries
- one (1) small paper clip (about 1.25 in. (3.2 cm) long when coiled, 3.75 in. (9.6 cm) when straightened)
- some tape
- needle nose pliers
- diagonal cutters are optional but handy
- one (1) controller in need of batteries

Step 2: Setup

Start by straightening the paperclip.  Use the pliers to take care of the kinks where it was bent.  

You also want to pair the two batteries.  They need to be in opposite directions; so the positive end of one should be next to the negative end of the other.  It will help if the tip of the nub on the positive end is at the same level as the flat negative end.  You can use a table or other flat surface to line them up.  Use a piece of tape to wrap them together.

Step 3: Battery Interconnect - Part 1

Now for the most important part.  Though the paper clip's purpose is to create a connection between the batteries on one end, putting them in series, I find that just placing and taping it there is unreliable.  The dropouts cause the controller to disconnect, which is a big problem when I'm in an online battle.  I opted to make a connection that want to maintain contact with the terminals.  

Use the needle nose pliers to grip one end of the straight paper clip and wrap the wire around the tip.  Make it tight.  If the pliers wont open after wrapping or the wire won't slide out, uncoil the whole spiral just enough to remove them.  

Step 4: Battery Interconnect - Part 2

Once the first spring is done, check the size with the batteries.  The distance between the centers of the springs should be about 5/8 in (1.5 cm).   Grab the wire with a wider part of the pliers for the second spring, and coil up this time.  The distance doesn't have to be exact, but close enough that they contact both terminals of the batteries.  They can always be coiled a little closer together, or uncoiled to get farther apart.  

If there is extra wire afterwards, use diagonal cutters to clip the extra off.  Don't use your good wire cutters though.  Use something a little stronger that won't get nicks from cutting the steel wire.  

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now for the final assembly.  Place a strip of tape on the batteries so that it will wrap over one end.  Set the springs so that the ends will contact the terminals.  It should be placed so that the coils are under compression from the tape against the terminals.  This helps to ensure a reliable connection.  Wrap the tape around to the other side of the batteries to keep the spring attached and connected.  

Identify the positive and negative sides of the circuit board on the controller.  since this battery pack is not polarized like the official ones, it is possible to connect them backwards.  The positive terminal is on the left when viewed from the back with the terminals at the bottom.  Place the battery assembly in the controller with the positive end of the battery on the positive side of the controller.  This is a good time to test the controller and see if it turns on.  If it doesn't, check the batteries orientation, the connections on the paper clip, and the batteries voltages.  If you have a voltmeter, you can check the total voltage without taking anything apart.  

If it turns on, congratulations! now you can tape it in the controller so it doesn't fall out during those intense all-night gaming sessions.  I wrapped a single piece around the edges and folded them in, then used one piece lengthwise in the center (not pictured).  

Enjoy your newly-powered XBOX controller and temporary battery pack!  

5-star if you like MacGyver!  He sure can do a lot with some masking tape and a paper clip!

Step 6: Extras!

There are no photos here because I haven't tried these yet, but there are a few possible modifications to this instructable.  

First, it may be advantageous to use AAA batteries instead of AA's.  They will most likely not last as long as AA's, but do provide another temporary solution, as well as a lighter one.  As the diameter is smaller and the length shorter, some spacing material may be required on the sides and end.  The coils will need to be closer together as well.  Otherwise, the process should be the same.  

Second, the possibility of using a large paper clip is not completely out of the question.  They are generally thicker and longer when uncoiled, resulting in more to be clipped off, or positioned elsewhere.  The extra end could be bent alongside the batteries, so long as it doesn't contact anything inside the controller and short it out.  

One flaw I have noticed is that they tend to stay in too well.  You can't turn off the controller by just quickly disconnecting the battery pack since it is taped in, like with a normal battery pack.  You have to power off the XBOX 360 or hold the live button until the menu comes up.  Less tape may be enough to hold them in, but still remain easily removable.  

This instructable uses a more permanent solution similar to the original pack, yet can be made from around the house parts. It is much easier to replace the batteries than mine.  

5-star if you like MacGyver! He sure can do a lot with some masking tape and a paper clip!

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    instead of using the paper clip you can use tin foil


    3 years ago

    can i use powerback battery or vapping battery


    9 years ago on Step 6

    thats a reli gud idea


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    as long as it would with the original AA pack, about 8 hours of play i think