Quick Duct Tape Bracelet



This project is quick and simple, and takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes. It’s a simple project, but can be done in numerous ways and in many designs.

Step 1: Supplies

- Duct Tape, any colors, at least two
- Ruler
- Box knife/ or exacto knife
- Scissors
- Pencil or pen (not pictured)

Step 2: Step 1- Making the Base String

-To make the duct tape “string” to hold duct tape “beads”, cut a strip of duct tape about 8 inches long

Step 3: Step 2- Rolling the String

-Role the duct long ways until it forms a tight, sting like shape.
-NOTE: be sure to allow one end to be a little wide and flat, this will be explained later

Step 4: Step 3- Making Beads

-Cut strips of duct tape (from a preferred color), at the same length. I use the lines already in the duct tape to measure mine out, at about 3/8” wide
- NOTE- before adding the beads, measure the strip of duct tape around your wrist, and cut any excess form the end, but DO NOT CUT THE WIDE END.

Step 5: Step 4- Adding Beads

-Wrap these strips of duct tape around the “string,” or duct tape strip
-I spaced mine at every ½”
-Start at the very end of the “string,” as this “bead” serves as the “knot”
-To add texture, I wrap three strips of duct tape around the “string” for each “bead”

Step 6: Step 5- Adding Color to the Beads (optional Step)

-I followed the same process I used in Steps 3 and 4. This time I cut the strips thinner, at about1/16” using the lines on the duct tape for a guide again.
-Only wrap one layer of strips around the “beads.”

Step 7: Step 6- Cutting a Whole for a Knot to Create a Slip Hole

-At the wide end of the “sting,” use the box knife to make a small slit, about 3/8” long, about ¼” away from the end of the “sting”
-Use the box knife to widen the hole
-To further widen the hole, use a pencil or pen to make a wider hole
-This hole will serve as slip hole to put the bead at the end of the “string” through

Step 8: Finished!

- The bracelet is now done, just slip the end bead through the hole, and there it is.

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