Quick & Easy AK-47 (just Put It in the Microwave for 30 Seconds and Serve!)

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 I recently have been looking for inspirations for instructables , because, as you have no doubt noticed, I am not a very active member. I found the inspiration for a k'nex  gun in MasterDude'sMSMG (an easy gun for a noob). Unfortunately the accuracy was bad. So I decided to mod it.

 This is my modded version of the MSMG. I changed it so it is a LOT more accurate then the original (it also looks somewhat like an AK-47, hence the title).

Please comment so that I know whether to post or not.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I like the end of the barrel and the iron sight. I suggest that you change the stock. If you change the stock then you should post.