Quick Easy Cat Post

I work as a maintenance tech. for North Dakota State University. I like to do fun little project ...

Intro: Quick Easy Cat Post

Cat post made from scraps

Step 1: Wood Needed

I used a landscaping log for the main body of the cat post. I used a 1/2 plywood for the top and bottom, and 1 1/2 strips of wood for the sides of the platform. Leftover carpet was used for the padding.

Step 2: Assembly

Cut your landscaping log in half, that way you have enough leftover to make two posts. Cut your top and bottom about 1x2 feet. Attach everything with wood screws. Cut your strips of wood to fit the top platform, then cut your carpet to fit.

Step 3: Give to Your Cat

Our cats like to stay up and away from our dogs and this makes a nice place for them to nap.



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