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This is for the not-super-crafty folks who don't want to pay ridiculous prices for doll furniture.

Best sized for 15-18" dolls.

I am not the only person who thought of this; it has circulated around a couple of doll crafting groups I'm in on Facebook.

Step 1: Purchase Frame

I used a simple black plastic frame from Michael's. They currently run about $2 at most Michael's stores. However, any similar type of frame will work.

Step 2: Choose Media

Pretty much anything is fair game. We have used the fronts of the cardboard slipcovers from DVDs/Blu-rays, old comic books, magazines, catalogs, or printouts of tv show/movie screenshots. You could also use old books. You could even draw or create scenes with stickers.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the media to fit. You can use the frame insert as a guide. We used both scissors and a scrapbook cutter.

If you accidentally cut your media too short, or it's a little short on its own, mount it on black paper that fits the frame size.

Our frame is 4x6, and the dvd/blu-ray slipcovers sit just edge-to-edge, so we mounted them on the paper to keep them centered.

Step 4: Insert Media

Just slide your media in the frame.

The Michael's frame is double-sided, so you could put two pieces back-to-back, so you can have two "channels" to choose from without changing them out quite so often.

Step 5: Ta-Da!

Doll TV! You just made a piece of furniture for dolls for less than $3 total!



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