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Introduction: Quick & Easy F Camp Storage

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I Recently broke my budget and bought some proper F Clamps. Bringing my total clamps up to 8.

This left me with no way of storing them and as i always need the clamps to be within arms reach i cam up with this.

I hope you enjoy , let me know what you think.

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Step 1: Layout and Cutting

To make this i used a old drawer front that i found buried in my workshop.

I measured out the size and where to cut the grooved to accept the clamp body and handle.

Once the main body had been cut i used the rest of the wood to make the supports , just cutting them at 45 degrees.

Step 2: File and Break the F###ing Thing

I wanted to get rid of the saw marks so i used a file to smooth out all the lines.

While doing this i broke off one of the pieces like a bloody idiot so i just cut the broken piece of and decided to only have one groove for the clamp body.

once i had finished swearing i finished filing all the edges of the storage so i wouldn't cut my self when using it.

Step 3: Pre Drill and Screw

once everything was smooth and i put it together and decided the easiest way to attach it would be to just use screws, the top got 2 screws each side attaching it to the supports.

The supports then got a random angle drilled through the middle of them so i could screw it to my wall

Step 4: Thats It, Job Done

Then it was just a case of driving the screws into the wall of my workshop where i decided i wanted the clamps.

All in all it took me about 15 minutes but as my shop is so small its a great project to get done.

I hope you liked it.

Thanks GG

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