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I cut the pad of my finger rather badly, on a piece of laser cut acrylic of all things. Working in a machine shop, handling oil, swarf and coolant (which can play host to some pretty naaaaaasty bacteria) I wanted to keep my finger covered without losing dexterity like you do when you wear a rubber glove.

After shredding several gloves in half an hour I resorted to this, which lasted the remainder of the day while moving swarf around, using hand tools and later handling rubble outside.

All you need is a rubber glove, some electrical tape and some scissors or a knife.

  • It fits to your finger better than a glove since it's stretched to the right size. It's not baggy and so can't get caught in machines, parts.
  • Dexterity is greatly increased. It leaves your other fingers unhindered and is tighter to your skin so you can pick things up more easily. It's not one size fits many like a glove, it's made for your finger.
  • It's much easier to get hold of a rubber glove than a fingerstall.
  • You get five finger gloves per glove.
  • When people ask what's on your finger you can tell them it's prosthetic. Make sure you make appropriate whirring/mechanical noises as you demonstrate how great it is.

  • If you have cuts on more than one finger it takes longer than a glove to put on.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • a sharp pair of scissors
  • electrical tape, the brighter coloured the better
  • a rubber glove

Step 2: Four Simple Steps....

1) Lop all of the fingers (including the thumb) off the glove with your sharp scissors or a knife. You can use them all since they stretch.

2) Cut a piece of electrical tape about 8cm (3 inches) long.

3) Put one of the fingers onto your injured finger. Pull it back until it draws tight.

4) Wrap electrical tape around the base of your finger, half on the rubber finger and half on your skin. this will hold it stretched tight. Not too tight though or you'll weaken the glove to sharp things.

While it might sound weak, because it's stretched it's less likely to get caught in things. It's also only on one finger instead of 5, so 1/5 the chance of getting caught (or something like that). I wore this for most of the day, handling swarf in the lathe, using hand tools and later moving rubble around outside. It lasted MUCH better than the two gloves I broke in ten minutes before I got fed up with them.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    They look much better than the finger bandages we have at work! And the same principle but easier to put on than what I did above. Thanks!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Been there lots of times, maybe we could trade
    accidental self mutilation horror stories someday :-)
    Is your avatar holding a part of a spear, just curious?