Quick & Easy Hose Repair for a Dollar





Introduction: Quick & Easy Hose Repair for a Dollar

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Fixing a leaky or damaged hose is a quick and easy repair. If you're having a problem because it's just leaking water near the spout you turn on, you most likely just need to get a new washer and put that in it. That works for minor leaks at the spout. For a more damaged hose or leaks in the middle of it somewhere, you just need to buy a "mender" and follow these simple instructions to get that fixed and working again. I have two hoses and both were damaged - one had the metal damaged on the end so I couldn't attach it to anything and the other had a hole in the middle of it. It only took about 5-10 minutes to fix them both. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials Needed to Repair Hose

Materials Needed for Hose Repair:

  • Utility Knife
  • Screw Driver
  • Mender Kit (I bought the menders at the Dollar General for $1 a Piece)
  • *Optional: Washer (you can buy a pack for about a $1)

Make sure you know which mender kit you've purchased as the ends are different for the female and male connectors.

Step 2: Cutting & Getting Mender Ready

Once you know the part you want to cut off the damaged hose, do so with the utility knife. Try to make a nice clean straight cut across. Then take out the mender and it should have a plastic piece covering the bottom part of it with two screws in it. Loosen up or remove the screws so you can then take out the main plastic hose connector (the black middle piece in my photos).

Step 3: Replacing & Tightening

Once you take out the black piece, you will need to push that into the hose where you cut the piece off. This can be difficult to work it back into the hose. Some people say it helps to hold the end of the hose under hot water for a minute before putting the plastic piece in it. I managed to push it in without doing that. Once the black connector piece is pushed in completely, then you can take the green plastic pieces out.

Take the green plastic pieces and put it back on with the hose and tighten the screws fully. Then, add a new washer in if it's needed and you are done! All fixed! Now there's no need to buy another hose!



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    Wow awesome! Even if it gives your hose just a little longer life it's totally worth it for just $1! :)

    Cool! Nice, simple repair. I'd be interested in hearing how it holds up after a couple months of use. :-D

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    I have done this before also, it works well for a couple of years. A lot depends on how much the plastic is in the sun, with the UV rays breaking it down. Metal is better to use, but also most kits are harder to use with metal.

    Actually, if the hose was a decent quality one, these repairs can last for YEARS if:

    1. you don't run over the hose with your car!

    2. You don't drag the bare male hose end around on concrete or asphalt!

    In my experience the hose usually fails again before the fitting. Then you can just cut the hose off again and move the fitting down.

    I noticed recently that my garden hose has developed a split in it. I think I'm just going to buy a whole new hose though. The one I have is so lousy it constantly kinks up on me, which really bugs me when I am trying to relax, and just garden.

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    I usually use 75-100 ft of hose to get my whole farm/garden watered and the kinking was driving me craaaazy until I found gatorhyde hose online ... it kinks every once in a while but really not much at all, and you can usually just shake it and it unkinks. i did a lot of research and this one had the fewest complaints for kinking. Got it last spring 2013 and it still acts brand new.

    Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely in the market for a new hose. This is the year of the hoses I suppose. I just had to get a new vac hose for my pool too, because my old one split. When it rains it pours! I got my pool hose online too. The one that just split on me I bought at my pool store and it is the cheapest piece of junk going, although I don't remember it being cheap to buy. It just looks like molded plastic to me, no reinforcing wire, no nothing. It didn't have a swivel cuff either. My old vac hose would wind up while I was vacuuming the pool, and I'd lose suction because of it. That was annoying as all get out. It'd be like a python in the pool, coiling up on itself. The new one seems to work better to me. There's nothing quite like a good hose I guess?

    Hose's (hoses?) are one of those things that make sense to buy quality and only cry once. Buy a Gillmore Flexogen Lifetime or a Swan hose, both come with lifetime warranties. If the hose fails, cut the ends off and send it back, they ship you a new hose (you may need to call and get an RMA). I have two 50 foot Flexogen hoses, one is over 10 years old, the other about 3, the 'new' one got swapped out no questions asked.

    I just purchased a 100 foot Flexogen locally for about the same as Amazon wanted for a 75 foot.

    Same thing applies to the mender fittings, pony up the extra $2 for the good quality version, I figure I would be happy to spend a quarter every time I twist it on the spigot to have it be easy to thread on. If you expect your fix to last more than 8 times on and off the spigot, it has paid for itself.

    I bought the hose I have now when I first moved in. Needless to say there was a lot going on then. This time around with more time to deal with it I have decided I will do more than just grab something at Wallyworld. But thanks for the tips, I will research those brands you recommended. I've heard of Swan, Gillmore sounds vaguely familiar too. I'm not too up on my garden hoses.

    I fix my hoses this way all the time. I like the brass fittings because they are more durable and less easily damaged by cross-threading but usually end up getting the plastic ones due to the price. You can also use this method to make a hose of a specific length for semi-permanent installation. My in-laws set up a soaker hose irrigation system for their ~20'x40' garden with those and a number of splitters.

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    wperry1.....Can you forward me (roglor@cogeco.ca) a picture of what this irrigation system looks like as that is what I would like to do with my vegetable garden but using my rainbarrel as the source.

    Unfortunately, my in-laws didn't set up the garden this year. As I recall, they had municipal water going into a 4 way brass splitter. They ran hoses from that to every other row. Each of those hoses was split with a Y into two soakers that ran down the rows. Their water pressure/flow seems higher than normal to me and I think they were able to run the whole thing at once, but I could be wrong about that. They may have run one half at a time.
    I'll be visiting this weekend and I'll see if they have any pics or if they can give me more details on the setup.

    I almost didn't get my garden setup this year too. It stayed cold late this year, and the weather was terrible. I'm glad I set it up now though. I'm having my best year ever! I'll tell you my secret, I went and got some All-Purpose fertilizer from Tractor Supply Company. Then I read the directions on the bag and calculated how much of it to use in my garden. Used correctly the stuff is amazing! I used to use Miracle Grow, but this cheap stuff is way better.

    I'm going to have to take a picture because it is growing wild. I have a tower made out of wire mesh that I'm growing some cucumbers on, they look like they came from another planet to take the world over. I had to put poles all around the tower so it has more room to climb.

    Yeah the brass fittings are nicer ...I Just felt like using the cheaper ones as I saw them for only $1! I will update as to how long these particular ones last ...but so far they are just fine.

    Wow, really? Buy a good hose from Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Ace Hardware or many other places that offer life time warrantee. Heck, even better find one in the garbage or at a garage sale. Most people don't know it but many hoses have life time warrantee. If you see a black rubber one, probably Sears. If you see one with a stripe down the length it could be any of the others. Match the stripe with the one sold in the store (you can call up) and they will replace it with a new hose. Sorry but those plastic parts just break during use or over the winter. A new free hose lasts for ever. On the subject, many high end grill covers are guaranteed for life. I am on about 25 years on my grill cover returned about 5 or 7 times.