Quick Easy Pour Paint Kettle

Introduction: Quick Easy Pour Paint Kettle

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Having brought some oil based timber preservative in a screw top can rather than a more typical paint tin. I found myself needing container to put it in that I could get a brush in then return any unused to the bulk container. now in the past I've used jam jars or even a proper paint kettle, niether of which are easy to pour the remains back into a narrow necked can from. what follows is my simple solution to this. I've seen a version of this using a 1lt milk bottle since I started compiling this, however I've decided to publish it anyway.

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Step 1: Find a Suitable Container

the timber treatment comes in a high density polyethylene container.(HDPE) not a big surprise it's pretty much chemical resistant and easy to mould plenty of house hold products and lab reagents come in containers made from it. If you're in any doubt the recycling code tells you what it is. this 2.5 lt can looked to be a suitable size to get the brush I intended using in.

Step 2: Construction

Being intended for a single use these cans are rather flimsy the moulded ribs add to their strength especially when cutting the top off its best to cut to the top of them and not below them. With your cutting tool of choice slice down between the handle and the spout the first bend makes an easy guide to cut around the container. I had intended just cutting the top off its occurred to me before I did that leaving the spout would make returning unused material to the original container much easier and not require making a mess of a funnel.

Step 3: Use

This is straightforward pour some of the bulk material into the container and apply it as required. the opening is big enough for a 3x3 post to be dipped in to allow the wood preserver I was using to soak into the end grain. by retaining the spout on the container pouring excess material back into the bulk container is straightforward.

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