Quick, Easy, and Cheap Notebook Wedding Ideas

Introduction: Quick, Easy, and Cheap Notebook Wedding Ideas

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

If you or someone you know is interested in a Notebook themed wedding, you have come to the right place!  I have been thinking of different ways to pull off The Notebook Wedding theme on a budget.  I have tried to re-use things that would normally get thrown away.  I will be sharing how to make 2 centerpieces, wedding favors, wedding cards, bread warmers, favor containers, napkin rings, how to fold a swan napkin, and save the date cards! 

I hope you enjoy your visit!   

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Step 1: Supplies for the Swan

Supplies I used:
1 sheet of shiny white poster board. (I had enough to make everything in this guide with a small piece left over.)
Permanent red and black marker pens
1 Strand white craft feathers
2 White mesh body sponges
2 large battery operated led lights
1 Blue tissue paper

You can use the swan for the wedding favor if you don't need a center piece.  You can use tea lights but they are not as bright. 

Step 2: How to Make the Swans

 Here is the pattern.

I cut one swan out with the shiny side up. Then I flipped the swan over so the 2ND one would be shiny also. Remember the swans face each other. Next I colored the beak and eyes. Then I folded about 1/2 inch toward the back of the swan to make a stand for it.

I placed blue tissue paper on the table and set the lights where I wanted the swans. Then I placed the swans on top of the led light and carefully stuck the back of the swan into the mesh sponge to create his body.

For the baby swans I drew smaller swans on a folded piece of poster board (with their head on the fold.  You don't cut the top of their head, it needs to be folded.)

Colored their beaks and eyes.

I cut them out and folded the stand and glued the bottom sides together leaving a small space to glue the feathers.

Then I arranged the feathers so you could see them nicely.

You can place them on blue paper or poster boad or even a table cloth to look like a pond or lake. 

Adding a LED light under the mesh is very pretty. 

The pictures do not come close to showing how pretty they are.

Step 3: Supplies for the Pin Cushion Wedding Favor

Supplies are for 1 pin cushion. 

1 Plastic cap from a spray starch can, or paint can
A saucer size piece of cotton fabric.   I made more than one so I used contrasting fabric
A small ball of batting about the size of your fist
3 Small buttons for embellishments
Pins for the embellishments
Scrap of ribbon for tie
Glue gun/glue sticks
Sewing needle and matching thread

Step 4: How to Make a Pin Cushion Wedding Favor

A pin cushion is a very useful item to have around, even for the guys! These are quick and easy to make.

Using a saucer for a pattern, cut a circle out of your fabric.

Sew all the way around the outside edge until you meet the starting point.

Carefully pull both ends of the sewing thread so the fabric will begin to gather.

Now you have a cup shape.

Roll a small ball out of the batting and insert it in the center of the cushion. You want it kind of firm. Add more batting if you need to but keep the batting smooth.

Pull the end threads again to form a nice tight ball.

Smooth out the top so it has a nice shape.

Glue the top edge of the plastic lid and on the inside of the lid.

Carefully place the pin cushion into the ball and push down.

Tie a pretty ribbon under the mushroom shape and tie a bow.

Glue a button in the center.

Add pins if you like for embellishments.

You might wish to place a guest card on the side.

Step 5: Lolly Pop Covers

 All you need for the lolly pop covers is lolly pops and 1 wrapper from one of the pops for a pattern, small fabric scrap, an empty container for the finished pops, glue, scissors,  and a piece scrap of ribbon.

Simply lay the wrapper over a small piece of fabric and cut it out.

Place it over the wrapped pop, give it a slight twist and tie it with a ribbon.

Place it in a clear jar or an empty spam can.

I took a picture of this card I had and cut it out and glued it to the spam can.

I tried to get it to look like the pickup was hauling the pops.

Step 6: Swan Wedding Card

I made this card by doing a Google search: "swan pictures"

I carefully traced the image on my screen and then re - drew it with even lines.

Cut one out of black from construction paper and one white out of white poster board.

Colored the white swans beak and eyes with markers.

Glued them on folded paper as shown.

Added craft feathers that had a self adhesive glue.

Step 7: Wedding Favor Containers

Here are some containers that I used for wedding favors.  Spam cans are really pretty when you paint them.  I used the small tube paints with a tiny tip so I could paint small things. You can spread sealant around the sharp edges of the can to make it safe.  It works very nicely. 

I used a paper towel inside the poise bag and put an embroidery hoop in the center of the bag and on the outside clamped the larger hoop to secure it.  It painted up nicely.  I was just experimenting to see if it could be painted. 

I also embroidered one.  It can be done,  but keep the design simple and use light weight things in the bag because they are fragile. 

The jars are Kerr and I painted them red.

The pin cushion is made from a plastic paint lid and I added a needle holder to this one as well as a heart charm.  I thought it would be cute to put the couples pictures in it.  

Fancy Feast Cat Food cans are pretty to fill with sand and place a candle in them.   

Step 8: Wedding Gift Idea

Bread warmers are a fun gift to make and are well received. They are quick to make and require very few supplies.

Here is the link that I used to make the bread warmer:  http://downloads.cas.psu.edu/4H/breadwarmer.pdf.

I made three liners using this pattern.

I made all of mine lined because I felt they were easier to sew and they would keep the bread warmer longer.

I made one with batting on the inside.

One I embroidered and one I just lined.

If you are lining yours add double the fabric.

Here are my instructions to make it:

I cut one lining and one for the side that shows. They need to be cut out separately because each piece will open out to one piece. If you don't want your's  lined just follow the pattern's instructions.

I placed the right sides of the lining and fabric together and laid the batting over the top layer where it showed.

I marked an opening large enough to turn it right side out after it was sewn all the way around.

If you are going to embroider one,  now is the time to stamp your pattern and embroider it,  then proceed layering the layers and stitch it. 

I stitched it all the way around beginning at the mark and ending at the finishing mark.

I clipped all the corners to allow for easy turning.

I trimmed off any excess fabric.

Turned it right side out and pressed it well.

Turned under the seam of the small opening and pressed the hem in and pinned it.

Top stitched it all the way around to make a nice finished edge.

This might take a person 1 hour at the most to make, it is so easy.   

Step 9: Save the Date Cards

These were so much fun!  I found a free place to download and print paper dolls and their clothes.  She has a lot of dolls!  Here is the link:  http://100megsfree4.com/gogators4/. 

There are a lot of movie stars and famous people. The page is wide so be sure and move the page to see all of them.

I printed 2 copies of each doll and their clothes that I wanted. I printed the dolls in color and the clothes in black and white because I wanted to try and make the paper doll clothes similar to the movie's character's clothes. I almost wished that I had copied them all in black and white. I think it would have made the theme come together much better. I am using the colored pages because I have already printed them.

I thought it would be very cute to place the wedding couples picture on these dolls!  I did not have a picture I could use to show you . 

For the clothes I used scraps of fabric, a pencil or marker for drawing the clothes wrinkles and lines, small tubes of fabric paint to color the details on the clothes, and inner facing to add body to the clothes.

I used the paper doll clothes for the pattern for fabric clothing.
After I cut them out I used interfacing to add body to them.
Then I painted in the details by free hand.
I glued small flat magnates to the back so they would go on the fridge.
I glued the clothes on the dolls.

For the large heads I used them for save the date cards and/ or for the napkin rings. I added a string for the save the date cards to look like balloons. Magnets to stick on the fridge. Toilet paper rolls for the rings and covered them with fabric and added a large head for the embellishment.

I thought the pick up was cute.

Step 10: How to Fold a Swan Napkin

A very cheap way to decorate the table is by folding a dinner napkin into pretty shapes.  Here is how to fold a swan napkin:

You don't have to do this but it helps stiffen the fabric to hold the shape.  Cut a piece of tin foil the size of the napkin. 
If you would like to sew lace around the edge  it adds to the appearance. 

Follow the pictures. 

Fold the napkin in half.

Fold it in half again to make a square.

Turn the napkin so there is a point at the top.

Fold each side to form a triangle .

Turn the napkin over and fold another triangle.

Turn the sides in again.

Follow the pictures and then begin pulling up the layers to form the body of the swan shaping it as you go. 

Step 11: The Boat Center Piece

Here is the link to get free paper doll downloads.  It is a great site!  She has so many to choose from.  She mainly does movie stars and famous people.  It is fun just to see how good she draws them.  Here is the link:  http://100megsfree4.com/gogators4/.  Be sure and move the page over to see all her dolls. 

To make the clothes, dolls, and the boat you will need a PC and printer of course or have someone print the patterns and dolls for you.

Small fabric scraps, small tubes of paint to paint the fabric for drawing the details.    I like the small ones because the tips are easier to work with small items. 

Scissors, glue, pen to outline the clothes if you want fabric  clothes.  Chop sticks or skewers for the boat paddles, 1 large white poster board, and a brown marker pen to color the rail on the edge of the boat.  I used black because I did not have brown. 

Look at the swan title if you wish to make the swans. 

I have uploaded a lot of pictures here to show you how I made the clothes. 

Copy the pattern and cut it out. 

See the pictures how I folded the boat.

Step 12: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts!

I have really enjoyed making this guide.  I loved the swan centerpiece and the boat .  I still have many more ideas but I need to get this published so I will just keep adding more guides.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing my guide and I wish to thank you for visiting!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will do the best I can to answer any questions.  Have a nice day and please stop in again sometime! 


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