Quick Emergency Moustache Disguise




Introduction: Quick Emergency Moustache Disguise

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You never know when you might need a clever disguise in an emergency.

All you need is some sticky backed self adhesive velcro and a pair of scissors, and you can have yourself a brand new identity before her father can break down your front door...


Angry Father: "Where is that little *&^&^*(&^$#%$#??? I'm going to tear him apart."
You: "I'm sorry sir. The man you are looking for just left out the back door."
Angry Father: "Thanks for that. Enjoy your stay in our country."

Just have a look at these pictures to learn how to make your own instant disguise. It might be handy to make up a few of these to keep on hand just in case. 



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    17 Discussions

    i have ordered some clear lens glasses and this will be perfect for my disguise!! thank for the instructable its really cool.

    1 reply

    Why not?
    In fact you could cover your entire body and be a gorilla. Removal might be a bit painful in places though.

    6 months is a bit of a long wait to ask that question but here goes:

    While wearing the disguise the person in question may additionally create the ruse of being from another country such as to elude detection further. The phrase "I no speak english" would be a cunning part of such a ruse.

    Ah, Mr Sage. How did you see through my plan??? Was it because I said "I speak no English" in English?

    Any disguise is more effective when nobody knows what you look like in the first place.

    This is simply brilliant! Combined with a few choice Acme products we can all now fulfil our respective evil master plans!

    On a scale of "Meh" to "Please kill me now" (or 1-10 if you prefer) how much does it hurt to pull them off your face?

    3 replies

    Good question. I'd like to give you the answer you deserve. But unfortunately I no speak English.

    Hi Foolish. Doesn't hurt a bit. But then I didn't wear mine for more than a couple of minutes.

    oooh, mah un-Moustacheioed Lady-friends will thoroughly enjoy this one. Thank you good sir!

    Again, I wonder what is really happening under the hat.

    Brilliant, as always.