Get Rid of Buzzing and Humming Noise When Using Your Headset or USB Mic


Introduction: Get Rid of Buzzing and Humming Noise When Using Your Headset or USB Mic

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This is an easy solution to get rid of static and humming noise from your microphone/headset. All you have to do is unplug your power cable. I am using a laptop so all I have to do is unplug the cable from the back. The static and humming will be gone. The reason for this is because your computer isn't grounded. Most laptop power cords have two prongs. That means it doesn't have that third prong, which is the ground prong. You can look up ways to ground your laptop so you don't have to unplug the power cord every time you want to use your microphone.

I found another solution to this problem. If you have a two-prong power plug that both have the same sized plug (not the one with the bigger left prong), try turning the plug upside down and plug it back into the socket. This worked for me. I found out about this here:

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    2 years ago

    Hey, I got a USB mic not long ago, had the same problem. Turned off the light. Buzzing gone. I'm gonna have to get some lamps..

    Sorry for this late comment. Most electronic wall chargers contain a resistor between one wall wire and the output stage. That resistor affects how touch screens respond to touch. Removing it removes the humming too but it will negatively affect feedback from touch screens. It´s the only solution if your plug isn´t grounded. Okay, not the only one: touching a metallic part of your laptop will also fix it while you touch it.

    the answer: buy a £1 Ground lift adapter at any electronics store eg Maplins. (The little orange or grey thing that changes the power plug from 3 prong into a 2 prong). Your hums will magicly dissappear!

    Thanks for getting us kicked off Dangerous

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    what good is that IF he Starts with 2 prongs?? he only has 2 prongs --he doesnt need a 3 To 2 prong conversion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found another way that worked for me. If you have two prongs, just flip it upside down. If your mic has some buzzing, flip the power cord so that the left prong is on the right and the right prong is on the left. This worked for me.

    ...maybe - but he is exactly right. I have a problem with a dell inspiron and skype has been bugging me recently with a buzzing on the mike. I took out the power cable and it was fine.
    Now to find out how to ground the laptop...
    ....I'll be back soon

    I think the point of an instructable like this would be to actually suggest some ways to ground a laptop, rather than tell them to "look up ways to ground your laptop"...