Quick Fix Missing Petal on Steamer Vegetable Basket



It's annoying when a petal falls off a steamer basket. Put that rascal petal back in place and secure not just it, but all your petals. Here's a short 1:07 video.

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Step 1: Get a Phillips Head Screwdriver and a Bit of Tape.

Step 2: Slip the Missing Petal Temporarily Back Into Place, Aligning It Correctly.

Each petal is held in place by a metal tab on the basket. Slide the missing petal back into place, slipping the basket tab into the slot on the petal and putting the high and low sides of the petal to match up with the high and low sides of the neighboring petals.

Step 3: Tape Marks Where Your Missing Petal Is Now Temporarily in Place.

Close your basket and mark the missing petal, now in place temporarily.

Step 4: Phillips Head Screwdriver Pushes Tab Down to Secure Petal.

Twisting the screwdriver slightly while pushing down on the tab helps to secure the petal.

Step 5: Work Your Way Around the Perimeter of the Basket, Securing Each Petal Tab by Pushing Down on the Tab.

Step 6: You're Done When You're Back Where You Started, Having Pushed Down Every Petal Tab.

Step 7: Congratulations! Open Up and Admire Your Fixed Steamer Basket.

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