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Along with doing some cool but mostly stupid things today, i needed to soak a stick in gas. So I grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and poured some gas into it. While the stick was soaking, I went looking for a funnel to pour the un-tainted gas back into the gas can, but without luck I couldn't find one. Then I spied the recycling bin with scattered plastics in it.

(I know most gas cans come with funnels that are put into the can when the lid is on, but the one i had didn't, just so i don't get any comments like that)

Step 1: Supplies

Now the supplies to do this are extremely hard to find:

-sharp-bladed tool
-milk jug

Step 2: First Incision

It helps to have some kind of degree from a collage ,or alike, and basic motor skills
cut the bottom off the milk jug.

Step 3: Done!

Well thats it, you have just successfully made, hopefully, a make-shift funnel

thank you for your time.

(I've been drinking alot of green tea today, I'm kinda sarcastic)



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    Ah, yes. Good tip. I do this a lot, except for WVO and biodiesel. Another container that works well is old vegi oil bottles. With all the baking we do at my house we're never short of them.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great tip, but I am a little shocked no one has inquired your "need to soak a stick in gas".....interesting visuals popped into my mind when I read your intro...hmmm...firedancing, villagers with torches, or building a big bonfire? Have another sip of green tea, you would not want to lose your sarcasm buzz.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yesterday i did all of which you described haha, and as for the tea, i need to make more...