Quick & Fun Tags/Business Cards

Introduction: Quick & Fun Tags/Business Cards

About: The JuteBox is Jorgia, a seamstress & up-cycling addict. She likes to take anything "left over" or wasted & make it useful!

I wanted to start my own business, but wanted to keep it pretty organic & not have to include investors, banks, etc. When I looked at my sewing area I realized, I don't really need money, I simply need *time* to make things! Of course, as I set out in making The JuteBox a reality, I found there were things I did need to buy... or do I??
Tags for my skirts & even business cards to hand out were something I initially thought I'd need to shell out the bucks for someone else to make. But, why not make my own? I have a printer, ink & paper... yeah but those business cards & tags look cheap, right? Sprinkle on some craftiness, my friends! I've taken simple multi-colored paper, upholstery swatches & a dab-o-glue to make funky, unique tags & business cards so The JuteBox will really stand out. 
What you'll need:
paper - I actually recycled some paper & used paper w/stuff on one side but blank on the other, no one will ever know!
writing app - Word, Snow Leopard, notepad, whatever, just make sure you can cut/paste to create multiples on 1 page
fabric - I used left over upholstery fabric in an abstract pattern
glue - I used Yes! Paste, a versatile flat glue that's non-toxic, acid free & works with both paper & fabric
a brush to apply the glue (or popsicle stick depending upon the adhesive you prefer)
scissors - I used Pinching Shears b/c the zig zag design they produce keeps fabric from fraying, plus it adds some flare & texture
iron/ironing board - I used this on the lowest setting to simply make sure there were no wrinkles & to also evenly spread out the paste as much as possible
How to:
once you have your logo & info all typed up and formatted, print 'em out
spread out your fabric (this should be ironed prior to any glueing to ensure no wrinkles)
take your page of info & spread on the glue, trying to get it as thin & even as possible
position on fabric, pressing firmly to get out any wrinkles
let dry, at least a few hours if not overnight
cut out & you're done!
pass out or attach to product/gift/whatever & show off your crafty business savvy :)

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