Quick Gentle Yoga for Lower Body: Hamstrings, Quads, & Hips

Introduction: Quick Gentle Yoga for Lower Body: Hamstrings, Quads, & Hips

Many of us (including myself) tend to suffer from tight hamstrings and hip flexors. This 10 min gentle yoga practice is great for opening up your hips, hamstrings, quads, and lower back. It is perfect for all age groups and all fitness levels. You can practice this short routine in the morning, at night time, or at the office during lunch break on a daily basis to relieve any tensions in your lower body. If you perform cardio and strength training, this is also a great static stretch cool down routine for any lower body or full body workouts. Hopefully you find this routine helpful and as always don't forget to like, share, comment, & subscribe if you haven't already :-)

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