Quick Gentle Yoga for Wrists, Elbows, & Ankles

Introduction: Quick Gentle Yoga for Wrists, Elbows, & Ankles

This quick 8 min gentle yoga stretch routine for wrists, ankles, & elbows strengthens and improves mobility of these important joints for advanced yoga/body weight practice and is also a great dynamic warmup routine for any other types of workouts. It is perfect for all age groups, all fitness levels, and especially for anyone who tends to suffer chronic wrist, ankle, and elbow pains.

If you tend to have an office job or any job that requires you to sit in one place and type on your computer for a long time, then your wrists will definitely need this stretch to prevent carpal tunnel; If you tend to run a lot or your daily job involves a lot of walking, then your ankles will definitely thank you for this gentle stretch; If you have very tight ankles and elbows, then this routine will help improve their range of motion so you can go lower in your squats and you won't feel a lot tensions in your elbows/wrists while doing upper body exercises.

Since this sequence is silent, compact, & short, you can easily squeeze it in first thing in the morning, in your office during lunch break, or right before you go to bed in the privacy of your own room without disturbing anyone. This is also a great overall mobility warmup routine for any handstand, other advanced yoga/body weight workouts, or any other outdoor/indoor gym workouts. If you practice this on a weekly basis, you should notice a significant improvement in your wrist, elbow, & ankle mobility and reduction in soreness.

For similar short gentle yoga stretch routine along with other flexibility or mobility related workouts:


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