Quick GentleYoga for IBS, Colitis, Digestion, Bloating, or Stomach Cramps

his quick gentle yoga is a great yummy healing practice for anyone who suffers IBS, colitis, digestion issues, and bloating. Other than physical inflammation in your gut many times stomach cramps are caused by fatigue, stress, and period for the ladies. A quick 10 min under light yoga session can help boost your energy level, mood, and also help with blood circulation to relieve these pain. Even for colitis it can be caused by stress in some cases (happened to my husband last year) and a relaxing yoga will go a long way on a daily basis.

This yoga practice is appropriate for all age groups, all fitness levels, and is silent/compact. You can perform this practice at any time of the day at your own convenience and privacy.

For similar short gentle yoga stretch routine along with other flexibility or mobility related workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5eJCT09znHxExwHuMFAPMQR16gvJhoxz



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