Quick Gluten Free Chocolate Cake in 17 Steps




Introduction: Quick Gluten Free Chocolate Cake in 17 Steps

a gluten free chocolate cake which is brilliant to share

Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Step 2:

Measure out 225g of room temperature unsalted

butter and put it into a microwave proof bowl but do not put it in the microwave yet. To make it simpler when it does go into the microwave cut it.

Step 3:

Unwrap 600g of chocolate. 300g of the

chocolate must be milk chocolate and the other 300g being dark chocolate. The chocolate doesn’t have to be any special chocolate like cooking chocolate or the best tasting. Just use plain simple chocolate.

Step 4:

Break the chocolate and put into the microwave

proof bowl along with the cut-up butter.

Step 5:

Put the chocolate and butter in the microwave

until melted (about 3 minutes but it depends on the number of watts).

Step 6:

It should come out looking a bit like this image and you must mix the chocolate and the butter until it looks like image 7.

Step 7:

Mix until smooth.

Step 8:

Add in 6 medium size eggs but they must be added one at

a time. Careful not to get any shells in and then again mix untill smooth.

Step 9:

Add in 200g of plain white sugar.

Step 10:

You may add it all at once and mix until

smooth and the sugar has disappeared.

Step 11:

Next add gluten free self-rising flour or

maïzena will also do.

Step 12:

Add roughly 60g.

Step 13:

Mix in slowly.

Step 14:

Preferably use a silicone mold but others

are acceptable, but it must be a 30cm. if it silicone there is no need to grease it but if you are using another mold do grease the mold.

Step 15:

Pour the mix into the mold.

Step 16:

Place in the preheated oven and bake for approximately

20 minutes.

Step 17:

When baked leave the oven door open and let

the cake finish off slowly without burning.

Step 18:

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